Friday, 27 July 2007


Dear friends my Dad 's elder brother Uncle Kenneth passed away on July 24th after a long illness.Now he is resting in the Lord.He was 80 years old and had been the Pastor of our church for several years as well as holding an official position in the Tax Dept.

Aunt Sybil had a fainting spell on July 23rd. and I admitted her in the same Catholic Hospital where Uncle was being treated.the doctors said they cannot do anything more for aunt except keep continuing her medicines.She is 85 years old , is suffering from dementia, lost her bladder control, glaucoma has taken away her sight and is very weak and frail. She might not live long.

As I was preparing to bring auntie home from the hospital , uncle had the seizure.It was a very traumatic situation, auntie was on a wheel chair just outside his room, when they were trying to revive him. Pastor Shay who has been a great help all along turned her chair around so she could not see what was happening.The doctors,(who know me) and the hospital staff were amazed when they saw us dealing with 2 relatives in a precarious condition.

As they were working out Uncle 's bill and other formalities, I had to help the hospital worker to wheel Uncle 's body to the morgue, which is an unthinkable thing for an Indian woman to do.

Its very difficult for me to describe my feelings as I suffer from bouts of Post Traumatic Stress Syndrome after dealing with my father 's death in that same hospital.

Then began the long and extremely stressful process of informing all relatives and friends etc.Pastor Shay took care of the funeral arrangements so i was spared that.The internment took place on the 25th.

Sonia and her husband arrived and many other relatives. and friends. Sonia was a real comfort, they left today.

All this has taken a very heavy toll on me and I am down with viral fever and flu since the past 2 days. We are worried about aunt Sybil too the death of her younger brother (Kenneth) has affected her very badly.

Sometimes i feel I have come to my rope 's end, but God lifts me up. Underneath are the everlasting arms.We 've been having evening prayer meetings in Aunt Virginia 's house (Kenneth 's widow)

Please pray for us we need healing physical, mental, emotional, spiritual and everything else.

8 Fertilize my soul:

Pat said...

Dear Amrita, my heart goes out to you. It is an honor to pray for you right now.
Precious Heavenly Father, I come to you in the name of your son, bringing my petitions before your throne as your word says to do. I lift Amrita up to you now Father that you would strengthen her physically, mentally, emotionaly and spiritually. You know her needs, I don't need to speak them, we know that you love your servant. I thank you now for the answer to prayer and I give you all the the name of Jesus...Amen.

Becky Wolfe said...

My friend across the waters - I pray for you this morning. For healing for your family, for comfort in grieving, for emotional & spiritual needs. HUGS

Carol-Ann said...

Oh Amrita,
This is so sad! Elder care is difficult and draining and there is so much to deal with when dementia is added to the mix. Like the other gals who have commented, be assured of my thoughts and prayers!

Vittal said...

Really sorry to hear this.
You are doing the right thing by being there for your loved ones.

Arlene - BY HIS STRIPES!!! said...

Dear Sweet Sister, I am praying for you and your family. I am praying for your well-being both in your physical condition, your mental state and spiritual love for Christ. This had to be a very traumatic time for you because of all that you went through. I ask Jesus now to bless you and keep you. I ask Him that you can sleep well at night. I ask for peace and joy for you. Not the peace that the world gives, nor the joy that world gives, but I ask for God peace and joy for you and your Mother too! God bless!

Kate said...

Oh, Amrita, I am so sorry for the loss of your uncle, and also for the traumatic nad stressful time you have had over these last days. You need to rest, and I hope you will have time to recover in peace.

Janet Jeyapaul said...

Dear Amrita,
There are many here who would love to trade places with your father and Uncle - two saints who have sojourned well and are now having the time of their lives with God the father himself. There can be no greater joy .Jesus said He was the Way , the truth and the Life only for those who wanted to have a glimpse or enjoy or partake of His father's riches which to those who have trod the way is vast immense and beautiful

Janet Jeyapaul said...

Dearest I hope you received my emails sent two days ago -