Saturday, 7 July 2007

Snake Ahoy!

Captain 's log dated Friday, July 6 2007

A visitor at Pastor 's Shay 's house spotted a long dangerous looking snake near the gate at night. The reptile slid off rather unobtrusively into the bushes as per the advice of PETA.

Captain 's log dated Saturday,July 7,2007

There was a fair amount of commotion amongst the construction workers this morning. They spotted a large black snake sliding along the church roof on which they were working. I asked them to dislodge it with a long bamboo pole while I ran to get my camera to capture a good photo for progeny.While we were getting ready the venom spurter took refuge in the rafters. The men refused to resume work afraid it might reappear again. Some of them are Hindus and worship snakes and are against killing them.Later on when their chief came, he reassured them that they would not be harmed and they started working.
A snake and mongoose

We have plenty of snakes and other exotic wildlife on our church campus. We have our resident mongooses who fight and kill snakes.My Dad and Sonia have killed several snakes in the house, but they are not visiting us very often these days. Not that want them to.Many of them are really harmless but we don 't take chances. Once my Dad shot a cobra as he couldn 't get it with a stick.

Its true what Ross Perot said"If you see a snake just kill it-don 't appoint a committee on snakes " (I did n't say this PETA) And for Ross Perot snakes could have other connotations.

Chanakya, a wise Indian politician , strategist and writer (350-275 BC) said,"Even if a snake is not poisonous,it should pretend to be venomous".

Good for politics and the jungle!

My mother is better now and is able to eat some food. Doctors say the high humidity causes health problems.

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JoAnn-NL said...

Hi Amrita,
I'm glad that you mom is better now

Is it a fact that there are snakes on your church campus? Wow! About that (your dad) 'cobra'story, brrrrr no snakes, thats nothing for me.

Have a happy weekend, JoAnn

The Canterburys said...

Hi Amrita,

Thank you for stopping by my blog! God bless you and the work you're doing!

~ James

Carol-Ann said...

uh-uh-uh! Many years ago I had a mongoose for a pet and watched it take on a mamba outside our house. That little mongoose was the best pet I have ever, ever had! It followed me everywhere and would roll up in a tight little ball in my shoe when it wanted a daytime nap! Unfortunately, it ate bugs as well as killed snakes and a neighbour put bug poison on her precious flowers -- Squeaky of course went out as usual to did around for bugs and ingested the poison. That was one of the most dreadful days of my childhood! As an adult now I can handle the memory but it was years before I could see a picture of a mongoose without fighting tears! How is it possible to get so wrapped up with a little pet!

Janet Jeyapaul said...
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Ruth said...

ew i dont like snakes AT ALL!!! :) i don't think i would do very well if i found one in my house. eeeeee.

sooo glad your mom is doing well again! love to you....and shalom.