Saturday, 14 July 2007

Dancing Matilda

I got this photo from A blog with fantastic pictures.

Yesterday I played hide and seek with the electricity
danced with the Internet
and wrestled with the computer.

We did not have power supply from 10 am to 7.30 pm. It rained in the afternoon so that was a relief.Should rain some more,its hot and humid.I put on my global warming clothes. I 've recycled old sarees into 2 sleeveless shifts and a shalwar kameez (Indian top and loose pants).I've not worn sleeveless clothes (Mom does) but now I am because the temp. is unbearable and they are so comfortable.

My computer went crazy because of the voltage fluctuation. I called up 2 of my friends but they were at work.So I just banged and pottered around on the keyboard (its also troubling me) and got it fixed up.I had misplaced my last electricity bill receipt which was needed to confirm payments. We searched all day praying desperately and I finally found it late night. God is our very present help. Just when I feel like burying my head in a sand pit He comes to the rescue. 'Endure hardness as good soldier of Jesus Christ ' is sound advice from St Paul in times like these.

Aunt Sybil is 84 years old. She is suffering from dementia. Living in the past now.Remembers things from long ago and wants to act accordingly, can 't relate to the present.She is a very sweet tempered, non verbal, frail old lady, a retired school teacher, loves animals and has been a care giver herself.Blind in one eye and has little vision in the other because of glaucoma. She suffers from delusions, sees Sheeba 's puppies...Sheeba never had any puppies. In the evening she wraps a few clothes in a towel and wants to go 'home '. She 's been living with us since the past 25 years.If anyone has faced a similar situation, please tell me how to handle it.I get pretty stressed out at times.I m concerned for her safety. In the afternoon I put a camp bed for her in my bedroom for siesta as she walks around the house and I want to keep an eye on her.I just need to know how other people handle such cases. We try to humour her and joke with her also.

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JoAnn-NL said...

Nice shot, I like breakdance but I cannot dance that way.....

Nancy said...

Hi Amrita,
Since most of my days are in the presence of 2 people with different kinds of dimentia, I have discovered something. Sometimes I feel like I am losing my own mind hanging with these folks for so many hours.
First of all, I am sure you are aware that the medical facts are that their brain is actually dying.
What the Lord has taught me to do is when I go into their home, I pray and ask the Holy Spirit to come and rest in that home. Specifically I ask Him to rest on my 'clients'and to brood over them and comfort and keep them . I also plead the blood of Jesus over the home, them, myself, my dog, everything. I ask for angelic help and protection , i.e warrior angels heavenly hosts etc. I try to pray how the Spirit leads. I also take authority over any spirit that may be in that home that is not of the Holy Spirit, so that at least while I am there the Peace of the Lord can rest upon all of us.
This works for me Amrita. My people are much more at peace, and the confusion of the disease much less when under the authority of the Lord.
Naturally, there are always challenges which the Lord will use to teach me, and I need to constantly ask for the grace to even go and do this .
As a care giver we get very tired and truly need to have His Presence in us and upon us . When I was caring for my Aunt , I was amazed to find Jesus in her in her broken state, and Jesus in me caring for her.
Today though I get weary and forget who and why He has placed me in this home for this brief time as these people wait to enter eternity.
I know Jesus will give you idea's and fill you with exactly what you need to care for your loved one as well. Bless you my friend.

Ruth said...

oh - dear aunt sybil. i will pray for her and for you. for wisdom. we have a little adopted grandma that we take care of. she doesnt live with us but she struggles with the same condition. it's hard. and sad.....
our grandma is 90 years old and just wants to go "home."

may God give you wisdom and strength as you care for this special person.

Janet Jeyapaul said...

what a great picture - artistic to say the least-