Tuesday, 26 August 2008

An August Christmas

The one thing I could not change for the past 2 days was the nearly 12 hour long electricity cut.
Power came back after 9 pm
We 've had 2 difficult days.
Thank you for your prayers. My mother 's cough is much better now.
But the power cuts drain her out and she is like a little child ,I have to pacify. Tonight in all the dark confusion I pressed a wrong button on the TV digital control and lost all the channels.I rang up the cable guy and he gave me complicated instructions over the phone. I got half way but couldn 't complete the job...it was too complex and perplexing -setting the digital controls again.My mother was very impressed and said,"You should have gone into electronic technology". A compliment in the dark!
Tomorrow a technician will cone to correct the fault.
And I will have a mini training session with him.
After all setting digital controls is not rocket science.
We have a battery run inverter but it gives out after running for a number of hours and I light my 2 kerosene lamps and Christmas Santa Claus candles. Its almost like Christmas except for the heat and humidity and a throbbing headache.

And instead of singing 'Silent Night '( the night is literally dark and silent)
I should be singing -
'Give me Oil In my Lamp, Keep me burning '
We are hoping that tomorrow will be a 'good day ' without an extra long unpredictable power cut.

9 Fertilize my soul:

Felisol said...

Dear Amrita,
what a real trooper you are.
I can't imagine how everyday life must be when things like this happen. It's too far fetched.
I am slowly learning though, and the more i learn the higher my admiration for you rises.
You even manage to keep your sense of humor midst in all your miseries.
Loved your Santas.
I am praying for you, your Mom, your church and now also for your el-supply.
From Felisol

Donetta said...

Hello, I am so glad you are safe from the flooding in Northern India. It is very bad there. Many states here are also flooding. We are well.

passing-thru said...

Sorry to hear how difficult it has been for U

Blessings on U and your mom , Amrita --

Sita said...

You still manage to make me chuckle out loud even while I am feeling your weariness...God made you so special...Love, Sita

Julia Dutta said...

Hi Amrita, You have not missed much. In fact, I think it was the Lords own way to keep you away from the horror and distressing News at kandhamal, Orissa.

By now you know about that carnage


Its is so sad really...

Julia Dutta said...

Oh btw, Paul asks on my post what is the going rate for refferals - 10 rupees? I said you have to negotiate it with Amrita, and here I say to you, these Brits are stingy, aren't they? (Laughing hahaha!)

Angie said...

What trials. Praying tomorrow is a better day. Keep singing, Amrita.

Amrita said...

Thanks you friends. Today was a "good ' day ...only 4 hours of power cut. LOL And we had cool rain.Sothat was good God is merciful, he won 't let us be tempted more than we can bear!
I hope that verse applies here.

Donetta you heard right. Many part of N. India are inundated. The situation inthe neighbouring state of Bihar is very very serious. 700 villages are completely submerged. More than a thousand people have lost their lives.

Julia than you so much for sending me the Orissa link. I did a post on it.Richard Howell on the show is like my elder brother. My family attended his wedding over 20 years back.
Paul is a great guy - pure British. I find his blog very interesting.

Amrita said...

I meant to say Thank You Julia. I am Miss Typo