Friday, 1 August 2008

Birthday + Eclipse

Thank you so much Prem, Terry and dear Pilgrim Pals for greetings on your blogs.I 'd like to thank all my dear Angel friends for your greetings.

This is the Day that the Lord has made "I"will rejoice and be glad in it.

Had a good day with my Mom. But it was coloured by 2 eclipses.
For several hours had no electricity.and every time I turned on the computer the lights vent out.
Good part - In the evening had a church cottage prayer meeting in a church member 's home and our Pastor prayed for me.
Then we had our partial solar eclipse.

I tried to capture it on camera
but couldn 't as I don 't have a filter.
I did this to Mama 's consternation
as she thought I 'd die or something trying to photograph a dangerous thing like an eclipse.(She had a medical concern)
But I thought it would be a good thing to die on your birthday
so that people wont have to remember 2 dates.LOL
They were showing live telecasts of the eclipse on various TV Channels.And the Hindi language channels had hosts of astrologers, visemen and pundits advising people hao to ward off the ill effects of the eclipse and how to appease the planets and gods.
They were like the wisemen of Egypt and Persia.
There vere phone -ins and forums -
Our hope and trust is in the Lord - the creator of the heavenly bodies.The movement of these created objects do not govern our lives.
Our lives are in the hands of our Creator God.
Our project work is moving along.
Yesterday a group of unruly gang-like boys from a neighbouring area tried to disrupt the work.Our men reprimanded them and they threatened them in return.
They came back later and tried to break parts of the vall and disgustingly they defecated on the path leading to the building site to make us mad.

Clearly the devil 's instruments, trying to disrupt the building work like what happened in Nehemiah 's day.

We are recycling old bricks to keep the costs low.
These men are carrying the bricks to the work area.
Tedious job.

These lovely
lilies blooming out of season.

But they don 't last very long.
Reminds us that if God takes care of the lilies which last for a short time, how much more vwll He take care of us who are made to last
for eternity.

11 Fertilize my soul:

Sheryl said...

Your sense of humor is something I just love. Happy belated birthday!


Renae said...

It is still August 1 here, so happy birthday! You are a dear, sweet, generous woman, and I am praying God's richest blessings for you in the coming year.

I have bricks. I wish I had a way of getting them to you.

Terry said...

Dear Amrita.
Some birthday gift that is!
Two live eclipses!
Your Mama is so cute being worried like that.
I think one time,when we were going to school, that there was an eclipse and we children were each given a pair of sun glasses to put over our eyes to watch it. We were told that we could go blind if we looked at the sun or a moon during an eclipse. It scared the life out of most of us and yet there were a few daring souls that DID not listen and looked directly into that sun.!
Ha!! I wish that I could have seen your mama's face!!

Glad that you had a great day!...Love Terry

PS..So that Prem hacked into your blog, eh Amrita?
There are two of my dear blogging friends that can hack into my blog.
That is Mr. Jim and Noel Lewis. They both have my secret numbers. I used to, before I knew how have Noel put in my favourite links and before I knew how, Jim could hack in and put "You Tube" on for me and he also taught me how to put my profile picture in.
I can trust them both Amrita and you can trust Prem.
Has Prem got his own blog?
He and his wife wrote me a lovely letter this week. We know a same Chrisian couple that lived near me in Welland. The couple lived in Wainfleet.
Well gotta'go! Take care...God bless! Love Terry

Saija said...

lovely lillies (they are gorgeous!) for your birthday!

may God richly bless you!

nannykim said...

Happy birthday! And what are they building/?

nvittal said...

Happy Birthday!!! :)
(Well, I just spoke to my parents and I know it's already Aug 2nd out there. Still...)

nannykim said...

ps. oh, is it a wall for your church?

Amrita said...

Thank you dear friends for your greetings.
Oh Renae if only i could haul those bricks over LOL.

Delkighted to hear you kno the Siders. They celebrated all family occasions, birthdays etc. vith us. i learnt such a lot from Ethel.John speaks excellent Hindi (our mother tongue)I must post their picture for you to see.

Angie said...

Happy birthday! I love your outlook. It's positively contagious. Such beautiful flowers for a beautiful lady.

Pat said...

Happy belated birthday my beautiful friend. Your sweet spirit is as lovely as those lillies! I love the humor you share about your daily life, I would love to meet you in person, you are a gem!

Sara said...

happy belated birthday my sister! you are as special as these lillies to all of us. love you!