Saturday, 23 August 2008

God is Able

Took a blogging break and enjoyed visiting other people 's blogs.
The past week began with a visit to a sick church member.She had very high fever over the weekend and couldn 't come to church but she was up and about on Monday.
Its been very humid and rainy all week.I 've not been well. My mother 's cough didn 't get any better and she developed other problems. So I got her some new medication and nourishment.
My fixed phone went dead last Sunday and Internet was very unstable. I made complain calls with my cell phone to various offices and no one came to my rescue. So I called up the General Manager of the Telephone Company. And yesterday my phone and Internet was restored.
The High Point of the week was to hear that my younger sister Namrita has Internet on her cell phone, we can communicate much more freely now.
They have a computer but have not subscribed to Broadband as it would be a distraction to her grade -school going sons.

Another high point of the week was that an Indian boxer and wrestler won Bronze medals at the Olympics.These 2 athletes come from very humble backgrounds and do not have many facilities, yet their hard work won them their medals
Prem and Anju sent us pictures from New Brunswick.. Prem is a leader in his church and fills in when his Pastor is away. last Sunday he spoke in the morning and evening services, in spite of being unwell.He also takes part in outreach programs and travels to nearby churches to preach.
He is an engineer by profession but where ever they have lived (India and Nigeria , Canada) they have been like part time missionaries hosting weekly Bible studies and being fully involved in church programs.
Mahima, Ashish, Anjali (Anju for short) and Prem

Here - Prem and Anju are with their Shri Lankan friends.
L-R Anju, Kumari, Ruan, Prem
In the front are Ruan and Kumari 's three children.
Please pray for Ruan. He is suffering from cancer and is undergoing chemo therapy.His faith is very Strong and he is trusting the Lord for his healing.He is witnessing to his Buddhist friends who marvel at his faith and trust.
Last night when our church security guard came on duty he reported that the padlock and chain from the front gate was missing. We were very disturbed as it seemed someone had stolen them.
Earlier thieves have broken into the church campus and have stolen things. Anyway we committed everything into the Lord 's hands and went to bed.
Our Pastor had a dream at night in which he saw the chain and lock hanging on the gate. In the morning he told his wife this and went out to examine the gate and sure enough there was the chain and lock intact on the gate.
The Lord God is our keeper!

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Kathryn said...

Amrita, So good to see you back online. Thanks for the update!


Sita said...

Hey glad to 'hear' from you again. Sorry about Mom though...sounds like an infection of some sort in her respiratory she on antibiotics at all...or do only use natural rememdies?
What a God we serve..He breaks the locks open for Peter..and returns locks for Amrita!
Lovely pics of your glad they seem to have found such a loving home in N.B...pray that complete healing will come to Ruan..he has such a young family!
"Father, please cover Amrita and her mother right now with Yur holy cloud of protection. Grant her mom relief and release from whatever ails her. Give Amrita a refreshing touch emotionally, spiritually and physically today. Place a band of fire of protection around that church and may no evil be allowed to hamper the efforts to rebuild. In the Name of Jesus, I pray, Amen."

Terry said...

Seeing as I got here so easy this morning Amrita. I thought I had better read this post too.

Oh I it is just like going to a missionary meeting and hearing of what has been going on, reading your building going on and about Prem and Anju. It appears that they are seeking first the work for the kingdom of God and all of the things in life that they need in this life will be added unto them!
I like the way that the Lord protected the gate, It reminds me of one of Grampa Yade's favourite verse...Psalm 34:7
The angel of the LORD encampeth round about them that fear him, and delivereth them.

This morning when Bernie and I went to Burger King for breakfast [Bernie always orders burnt toast and peanut butter!], we looked at the paper and the Olympic winnings were there and I asked Bernie to look at how India and Norway were doing....those countries are special to me for some mysterious reason, and I was glad to see that both India and Norway have been winning medals. So cool!
I am glad that you have your phone fixed and your internet. I was inquiring yesterday from a company here how I could phone India and Norway. I am working on it. We have cogeco and I can't make any long distance except in North America. but I will see what I can do. If you could send me your phone number, I would be pleased.

One of these times when I have caught up on a few posts that I have in mind, would you mind if I did a post on Prem and Anju and used their picture. Ask Prem and tell him to let me know, or you can let me know.

Well I have talked quite enough for now. !
I have a party to attend to!....Love Terry

Carol-Ann Allen said...

Hi Amrita!
You've been missed!
So happy to read your posts today!

Maisie said...

May God protect your church and keep the thieves out. God please bless Amrita's church.

Felisol said...

Dear Amrita,
you are a good teacher and a burning soul.
I yesterday told my hubby a lot about you and how things are going in India (!)
I learn a lot more from you than from reading papers or watching TV.
I am comforted that the Lord are watching your gate.
I will also pray for Ruan.
What an opportunity the Lord provides for us to carry each others burdens.
I have not been watching the Olympics, but I love it when people who have fought against the odds are winning.
Have a blessed Sunday, you and yours, Sheeba included.
From Felisol

Terry said...

Hey India Princess...That Sheeba is at my blog eating all kinds of ice cream and chocolate cake. I am afraid that her trip to Canada will last a couple of more days. She will have to be put on a strict diet! Way too heavy for Peter Pan to be carrying back to India..Ha!!..Love Terry.

PS Have a blessed Sunday and tell your Mama I am praying for her

Amrita said...

Thanks you dear frinds for your encouraging comments.

Sita what you said is really true..God broke the prison locks for Paul and Silas and here He returned the church lock.Our God has a great sense of humour. i shared that with my mother.

Hi Terry, I 'll pop over and look at Sheeba enjoying herself in Canada.If she ever went her she eat so much ,she 'd become twice her size.

I 've sent you my phone number. It would be lovely to hear your voice.
Go ahead and write about Prem and Anju , all gory goes to God when He uses His servants.And I 'm gonna try peanut butter with burnt toast.First i have to make my own peanut butter, the store bought one is too costly.

Thank you dear Felisol for keeping Ruan in your prayers. You must be missing Serina as she 's back in college.Anju misses Asish so much and his college is lives about 5 hours away. I watched the closing ceremony of the Olympics, quite spectacular it was. China really pulled it off.
Its true Indian atheles lack training facilities and they have to try on their own.A real challenge.
Hi Carol-Ann, I miss your posts . Please do a musical number on your guitar or banjo.You are a great composer.

Hello Masie, now i can log on to your new blog without any problem. Thank you for coming by.

Hi Kathryn, have a good week and God bless.