Sunday, 10 August 2008


Since yesterday my Internet connection is on the blink. I just can' t do anything worthile on the net.

Wanted to reply to all your comments, but can 't.I 've got photos, will try posting them.
My arm is better today, except that I feel dizzy at times. Mom 's cough is better. I make tea with tulsi ( maybe its called Monk 's basil)its good for the throat.
Thank you for your prayers.

10 Fertilize my soul:

Kathryn said...

Amrita, I look forward to your update when the internet connection decides to cooperate!

Sunday Blessings!

Pat said...

Praying for you - and your internet!

Sita said...

Feeling weary and beaten too...for different reasons...may the Bread of Life breathe His life into your mind, body, and spirit this day...though He slay me, yet will I Him be the glory forever and ever, Amen..

Anonymous said...

Stay positive...brighter days forthcoming. Doom and gloom is for the disenchanted...look forward to a new day...nothing, nothing at all we can do what is behind us. and confidence will prevail. You're in my prayers. Take care and, in loving friendship, all will be fine.

passing-thru said...

Keeping U in prayer --

Psalm 20:5 The Lord fulfills our petitions ---
Psalm 78:7 That they might SET their hope in God
Psalm 78:8 That "we" would make our hearts ARIGHT with God and KEEP our spirit STEADFAST on God

Lord Bless U , Amrita ----------

Julia Dutta said...

Hello Amrita,
I did not know things were so bad on your end.... God be with you. A very good home made medicine for cough is something I learnt from the Khasis. Take a tablespoon of honey. Grind two pepper pods to small pieces ( pepper as we eat at the table will not do), add the ground pepper in the honey and heat the honey over a small fire till it, bubbles. Allow it to cool a bit and eat up the spoonful,while it is still warm. It is amazing how it helps.

Himalaya drug company has something called Septilin. two tabs twice a day and also Zandu pharmaceuticals has Sudarshan Vatika....again two tabs twice daily. All these are for cough and cold. I get colds and cough at the drop of a hat, especially if the weather is wet or these have been of help to me. Just passing on the info. God bless Amrita!

Amrita said...

Thank you my dear praying angels.The vertigo washes me out. I took a paracetamol today but now i am getting a prescribed pill.I am allergic to temperature changes and that sets it off

Amrita said...

Thank you Julia for the medical advice. I 'll try it out. I know about the honey and pepper.But Mother doesn 't like anything sweet.

Julia Dutta said...

I forgot to write this, Zandu's Sudarshan Vatika can be used as a preventive too. I am already on it, as both the monsoons and the forthcoming winter may have me sneezing like crazy.
Take acre dear Amrita. I believe Vertigo is a middle ear associated problem, but very hard to manage.may God be with you,

Vicki said...

How are you and your mother doing today, Amrita? Take care. We are praying.