Sunday, 24 August 2008

Sunday Blessings - Children of the Day!

For he will command his angels concerning to guard you in all your ways; they will lift you up in their hands so that you will not strike your foot against a stone.Psalm 91;11,12 (New International Version)

On her way to church my mother again had a fall.

It was not very serious,she just sank down on the steps as she could not negotiate the high,uneven steps.

Our church steps are about 200 years old, built for strong British soldiers who could scamper up and down (it was a Garrison church)

The aging members of our church find it difficult to climb up those steps.

When the Lord will enable us, we will fix them or build a proper ramp.

No bones broken, but pretty shaken up .The angels were there to cushion her fall.Please pray for my mother, she is not eating properly and that is causing her to become weak.

Sometimes the sky looks very dark

This morning before leaving for church I was listening to a Christian Radio Station and there was a song by 'Children of the Day 'called"For Those Tears I Died" I just started crying as I listened to that song.I used to sing it ages ago with my sisters and it really wrapped itself around my heart as I face my daily trials.

Jesus wept so that he may wipe away my tears

He died so that I may live

Everyone who is hurting or facing a difficult situation take courage.
From the mid 70s to the 80s there was hardly any Christian music available in my city. I used to listen to missionary Radio stations.

They were my daily sustanence - food water and air.

FEBC - Manila Philippines

FEBA - Seychelles (Indian Ocean)

Trans World Radio - Shri Lanka

TWR - Agana, Guam

SLBC - Shri Lanka etc

Family Radio (North America)

I learnt all my songs from these broadcasts.

Spent all my free time trying to record songs on a little tape recorder and play the tapes over and over again to transcribe the lyrics.

I spent a major part of my pocket money writing to the radio stations.

Most of the time the reception was not good enough, and I couldn 't decipher the words, but I just kept going.

I learnt this song that way.

It is like a cool drink for my thirsty soul.

As a Post script to this video I must add that a friend told me about Marsha Stevens, the woman who wrote this song and is singing in this presentation.She has fallen away from the Lord and no longer upholds Biblical morality or values. I don 't subscribe to her present music or teaching. But there is a lesson to be learnt from this. If you are faithful to the Word of God God can use you as His instrument, the moment you turn away from Him you can be anything you want.

12 Fertilize my soul:

Angie said...

So thankful your mother is ok. Your words ministered to me for a difficulty I'm going thru. Thank you, Amrita. I love it when I wake up with an old song in my heart. I wonder sometimes if it is one that Abba sang over me in the night. What a comfort.

Sheryl said...

Amrita, so glad your mom is okay. Once again thank you for reminding me to be grateful for all I have access to here in America. When I hear you speak of how you learned about Jesus and got Christian music...well I am aware of how much I take for granted. Thanks for continuing to visit me and encourage me through this tough time. Love to you!!

Sita said...

Have this song on my blog too as it is also a big part of my 'youth history'. This song enabled the writer to fully finance a mission trip.
My heart hurts for you and your Mom. God allows such different trials in our lives and all for the same purpose: to come to Him. May all who read your post join as a community of global believers to pray for you, your mom and the church where you minister. May God's grace fall on you all so gently and His mercy so greatly. Love, Sita

Mark said...

So sorry to read about your mom's fall. But glad it wasn't serious. May God supply the funds to take care of the steps.

monsoon dreams said...

hope mama is better today.dont worry ,amrita.He is in control.

Roo said...

enjoyed catching up on your blog amrita. sending you a hug. xo

Julia Dutta said...

My dear Amrita,
All the posts read with much interest. Sorry about your mother. I guess the knees keep giving way but thank God for the kind angles.
An especially sad and difficult day for me today as I face my own torture within, I remembered some beautiful Christian songs two travelling Christian missionaries left with me, songs that gave me so much solace I can't explain enough. Yes, they were like tonic for the soul.
God bless,

Simply Shelley said...

Hi Amrita, so glad your dear Mom wasn't hurt much with her fall. I marvel at your faith. You are such a dear soul..


Maisie said...

You made my day Amrita. This song is so meaningful to me. I remember listening to it on a record when I was little. I have never been able to remember who sang it. How wonderful that I can have this song as a part of my life again.

Amrita said...

Friends i have added a PS to this post.

Amrita said...

Thank you dear friends.
Mother is feeling better and coughing less too, she had almost stopped eating,but now she is feeling hungry.

TMM said...

I love this song....the lady behind was an awesome woman of God....close to my heart....Kathryn Kuhlman.