Sunday, 3 August 2008

Sunday Blessings - Hand Me Another Brick

Neh 2:20

The building work is progressing.

The men piled the bricks near the building site.

Below you can see another man breaking the bricks into small pieces to

line the foundation.

This work is done by hand, as we don 't have machines.

And he is doing it with a hammer.

Today with the church collection money we bought a dhurmut an iron

instrument to break stones and level the ground.

I will photograph it and show it to you.

This is the trench for the foundation

Tomorrow we are hiring two bricklayers or masons and six workmen
to raise the raise wall.
We have already bought the cement and sand to make the concrete.

Please pray for me. Tomorrow I have a busy morning.
House-work, Bank and a court hearing.
There is high security at the District Court (pictured on the left) due to bomb threats.They are frisking people etc.
Our city has had several bomb scares which turned out to be hoaxes.I got a text message from the Police cautioning against rumours and unidentified objects lying around.
A little while ago we heard on the news that there has been an explosion in Kolkata (Calcutta) some people have died.
A few nights ago the police caught a suspicious foreign national
(neighbouring country) with no papers or identification prowling around outside our train staion.
Only the Lord can keep us secure
The Lord is my strength
and my shield
my heart trusts in Him.
Psalm 28;7

10 Fertilize my soul:

Donetta said...

In New Delhi there there has been a stampede 145 killed.

There glory of the Lord wrap you with protection.

Susan Skitt said...

The Lord is our strength and shield for sure. No matter what, He is with us, even to the end of the world. Praise Him!

God bless,

Roo said...

wow! that brick laying is a lot of work! i enjoyed seeing your pictures. xo

Roo said...

amrita -- do you have a cassette tape deck? email me and let me know if you do

passing-thru said...

Will remember U in prayer for court and bank --
Blessings on U , Amrita

Pat said...

Their labor on the house of the Lord will surely be honored.
I will keep you in my prayers as you set out on all your tasks tomorrow - peace and safety will surround you as His angels go before you.

Ash said...

Belated Happy Birthday, Amrita! Sorry I missed it.

Felisol said...

Dear Amrita,
I am praying for your day just as I am writing.
You certainly have a lot going on in your life.
Now the Lord will stand by you and strengthen you in all your important tasks of this Monday.
He shall protect you against all evil.
Bless you and comfort you.
As your day is, your strength shall be.
That's the promise He has sent you.
From Felisol

Julia Dutta said...

Dear Amrita,
Really? Is there news on TV about the blast in Kolkata...I tried to look into NDTV And IBNLIVE on the office computer and there seems to be no report on it!
Thank you for coming over to my blog to acknowledge how much I cherish you :))))
may God be with you through the Legal Case...and the building of the wall.

Joyfulsister said...

Hi Amrita,
I dropped by to say hello and catch up on some reading, it's been a busy busy summer for me here in Hawaii. I will surely be keeping you in prayer as you go to court, may God's angels surround and protect you from any hurt, harm , or danger. I also will be praying for the building that is comming up. Take care my friend and remember the Lord walks beside you and will see you through.

Hugz Lorie