Friday, 10 April 2009

The Day Christ Died

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Yesterday I received a letter from my
friend Jean who is a retired missionary, in her 70s
now living in Sask. Canada.
She was a real source of blessing and encouragement to me
during my short stay in Chennai.
Here is a poem Jean included in her letter.
by Anna Weems
When Lent comes - you have to put away the tinsel;
You have to put away your Christmas tree;
and stand in the open...vulnerable.
You either are or you aren 't.
You either believe or you don 't.
You either will or you won 't.
And, O Lord how we love the stable and the star!
When Lent comes the angel voices begin their lamenting,
And we find ourselves in a courtyard -
where we must answer
Whether we know Him or not.
Jean ends her letter with these words -
Love every single person.Forgive.Love everyone.
Restore relationships.Live in awe!
Let us try to have good conversations with others.
Let us live in freedom.
Be open in relationships and cherish them.
I am still learning Love to all.

Hot cross buns are eaten on Good Friday.
A hand-me-down from the British Raj I presume.
These are fruit buns with a cross.
We share them with others too.
They are not hot at all,
unless you get them fresh from the bakers.
Its our family tradition to have kitchrie for
Good Friday lunch.
For supper we will have bun omelet.
We had a 3 hour morning service
which featured the 7 last sayings of Christ
from the Cross.
Two families came.
One - occasional visitors and the other first timers.
A young man also came.
His newly wedded wife was too shy to attend.

12 Fertilize my soul:

Lille meg said...

Thank you for sharing this post!
I have been to a meeting today, where the whole suffer story was read. It was both children and grown up persons there. It was good to be there.
We have so much to be thankful for!
Jesus died for each of us!
In Norway we don't say good friday, we call it long friday.
Have a good Good Friday!

sherri said...

All of this was beautiful.

ENjoy a blessed Good Friday.

Crown of Beauty said...

Hi Amrita,
I was just reading your post entitled The Last Supper, and enjoying what you wrote and the pictures. I left, and forgot to leave a comment... so I went back. Lo and behold, you had posted another post! A very beautiful poem, and a picture of hot cross buns! You had a beautiful day commemorating the day our Lord Jesus died.

I appreciate your kind, gentle, and sensitive spirit, Amrita.

Olde Dame Penniwig said...

The poem your friend sent is very compelling.

The service, though not many came, sounds like it was extremely interesting, to feature the last sayings of Christ. That is an idea I hope other preachers will pick up.


What a great post! Isn't wonderful when God brings older, wiser, and more experienced people into our lives? How sweet that your friend wrote you... by hand! That doesn't happen so much anymore these days.

Personally I love sending hand-written letters and cards just to put a smile on family and friends. It says so much! :)

I have never seen Hot-Crossed Buns before! So you showed me something new today!

Have a blessed and peaceful Easter! Praise God for his enduring love! One day we will all see our risen Lord, Jesus Christ, face to face! I so look forward to that day!!

Annette said...

what beautiful words....and another beautiful post from you! Hope you have a wonderful Easter!! I have never ate Hot cross buns, I see them in the bakeries, but have never bought one to eat, I hear they are very good.
Hugs to you & your family at this Easter time ~

Bestemor Aud said...

Dear Amrita!
A wonderful post on your blog today! I copied the poem you got from your friend. I also visited the church this morning, just one hours service in our Lutheran Church. We were about 15 persons I think. We moved to this place about a year ago, and this was not the church nearest to my home (Nothing happened there today). We have a very fine clergyman, who is a truly believer. And he read the suffering story of Jesus and held a short preach. He is so simple - no extra effects - and it is so strong to hear God's pure word. I brought two handkerchieves with me - and I needed them both. You see I'm a very sensitive person. The tears come almost everytime I hear the word or a speach or we pray. And you can imagine it was extra special on this day.
Have a very blessed Easter!

Deare Diary said...

What an interesting post. I hope that you have a blessed weekend and Happy Easter as you worship our sweet Lord.
Love ya,

Mel Avila Alarilla said...

Happy Easter Amrita. Very inspiring poem from your friend. Nice to know the Easter traditions in your country. Thanks for the inspired post. God bless you always.

Felisol said...

Dear Amrita,
3 hour morning service!
The important 7 last sayings of Christ. Two families came and one young man.
Maybe the most important service you've had this year.
Guess you were about the assembly of the once attending the first Las t Supper.

I am convinced that the ones staying together for 3 hours did not do so in vain.

You were gathered in the name of Jesus, and according to his words he was midst amongst you.

I'm expecting good things to follow this Good Friday meeting.
From Felisol

MeMaw said...

Wonderful post Amrita, I love the picture and saying with the true that is! May you and your family have a very blessed Easter!

Gerry said...

When an intensely religious holiday such as Easter comes up, I always start feeling like I should be posting another entry on pro life, for surely that must be a source of greatest pain for our spiritual leaders, that the world is still killing so many of the unborn, conceiving and killing. So on Easter I will try to do an entry on this subject, about which I have been writing for 35 years in this country when Roe vs Wade legalized abortion. Our country changed a great deal with that decision which many people do not realize. I for one could no longer trust the leadership of the democratic party of which I am a member, but I decided not to leave the party but to protest those who have tried to take it over and make it the pro choice party, maintaining that it is right to kill the unborn. You can become extremely unpopular if you keep bringing up this subject, but that is the only way we are going to bring sanity back to the democratic party in my opinion.