Wednesday, 29 April 2009

Girl Power

Rosaline Cutting our local lass has done our
city, our community and my Alma mater proud
by going on a research expedition to the South Pole.
She studied in the Forest Research Institute at Dehra Dun,
a premier institution I have visited.
At the FRI she took part in a workshop on Antarctic studies and was selected for a study tour.
She is on her way again down under
to study global warming and the level of pollution in Antarctica.
Well done Rosaline.
(We may know her family)
Following video is an interview of Priyanka Gandhi,
grand daughter of Indra Gandhi ,
daughter of Rajiv Gandhi both Prime Ministers who were assassinated.
Her mother Sonia who is of Italian descent is a leading
politician of India.
Her brother Rahul is contesting Parliament elections for
the second time.They are very popular
in our state and we support them.
Tomorrow is the 3rd phase of voting.

Just heard on the BBC that there has been a swine flu death in TX
My dear fellow bloggers I am very concerned for you.
Please take the necessary precautions.
Praying for God 's protection.
Just pray the virus doesn 't creep into poor or underdeveloped countries.
It would wreak havoc there.

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Sita said...

Great interview with Priyanka. Great minds must think alike (LOL)..thinking of my last post when she said "never say never..", how things change and how our responses change as well as we get older.
As Christians, we realize God's Providence in writing the script, and only as you submit to Him, do you see a slow unfolding of a Master plan.
So glad you submitted to His plan for you and so many of us got to 'meet' you and enjoy how God 'formed' you.
Love, Sita

Sita said...

By the way, that swine flu 'fever of fear' has begun here. Just today, my son has a 'regular' cold and we went to a Christian bookstore and he coughed. Oh my, you should see the strain that appeared on the owner's family. The owner actually asked, "You didn't just come from Mexico, did you?"
For such a time, God has been teaching me about 'fear'. May we all look to Him, our Protector over all.
This flu would have vast consequences in any area that has dense populations like Mexico. So we must pray for each other.

Rosemary said...

Thank you for praying for our health, it is greatly appreciated. I try not to get worked up about it but well, it is hard with the 24/7 news cycle.

What a lovely and gentle blog you have here, I enjoy coming over to visit you!

Olde Dame Penniwig said...

Thanks for your well-wishes Amrita, the doctor is very excited to think I may have had the swine flu, even though I was getting much better without any medicines -- however, considering my weight, I probably had the HOG flu...I agree with your fear of the swine flu getting loose in a poor country, those poor things have no resistance and many times are already poorly nourished and even lack much potable water.

Kathryn said...

My uncle, who is a M.D. sent out an article about how the gov't & media have blown this kind of thing out of proportion in the past, & the indication is that it is happening now as well.

Thank you for your prayers, i don't mean to minimize that. Prayer is always appreciated. It is just that the media has a habit of blowing things up & creating panic.

Amrita said...

Oh I do hope the flu news is worse than it actually is Kathryn.

Sita, I understand how the slightest cough or sneeze will raise eyebrows all over. Priyanka has a very charming personality.

Penni sometimes I feel I have the mad cow disease....I behave like a mad cow.

Rosemary your blog is really sweet and delicious

Bluebirdy said...

What a privilege to hear an interview from any Ghandi. Their family has had such a moral influence on the world. As for Swine flu, they are saying that in the USA, it is very mild, and only infants or very elderly MIGHT get sick enough to die. It is not as severe of an illness here than it is in Mexico, maybe because people of USA and Canada are generally stronger and healthier to begin with. On the news they say those masks are useless. It takes only 20 minutes until it has dissolved enough to let germs through, so the advise washing hands often, cough into your sleeve, not into your hand, and they shut down every school or market or restaurant where one case has shown up, and advise people of the area not to congregate together for a while.

Amrita said...

That 's right Sheila, precaution is better than cure.

I almost asked my chemist if had a supply of Tamiflu.