Sunday, 19 April 2009

Suunday Blessings - Busy Hot Day

Today was the hottest day so far.
An angry dusty ,flaming wind whipped ,kicked and rattled
everything in sight.
Aunt Maya visited us right after church.
Following that I went to
attend a Memorial Service for
Mr V C, who passed away in Goa last month.
His wife and daughter brought his ashes to our city
to be immersed in the River Ganga
as per his wishes.

Uncle V, as we called him
carved a named for himself in golden letters
in Global Banking. He held top positions
in various International Banks.
(L -R) Daughter V and second wife J
They have been our family friends since my
parent 's young age.
Aunt D (his first wife, close friend of ours)
and 2 daughters spent 3 summer months in our city about 26 years ago before moving to the Middle East.
We sisters spent a lot of time with them.
It was fun recounting the memories
of youth with V.
We met after 13 years.
I searched their name on Face Book and contacted them.
The service took place in Mr V C 's old school.
(my nephew also studied there).
A number of the school 's alumni , family and friends
were present.
(above) Dr R R stepping way after delivering her tribute.
Her illustrious family were good
friends of our nation builders like
Mahatma Gandhi and Rabindranath Tagore.
They are also our family friends.
A group of out city 's prominent citizen 's
talking with Vand J.
Apart from eulogizing the departed soul
all of the speakers recalled the past
history of our city - and the school.
One gentleman reminisced that
erring boys were often caned by
the Headmaster or the Sargent (this was in the 1950s).
And after receiving the punishment each lad
had to say "Thank you" to the
"law enforcement officer".
Many times the poor boys did not know why they were
thanking the teacher, but he said he owes his
grooming and success to that era.
I really enjoyed walking down memory
lane with the old boys.
Got back home fighting the belligerent wind,
had lunch and rested a bit.
In the evening just as I started blogging we
had 2 groups of visitors who left at 8pm.
A young couple, Ravi and Alka came with their son Yash.
They are related to us.
Yash is 4 years old and today he attended
Sunday School for the very first time.
After class his teacher told Mom Alka that Yash
was the brightest kid in class and wanted to
answer all the questions.
When she asked "Why did Jesus die for us?"
Yash answered,"Jesus Papa died because I
sinned". They put Him on the cross because
of my sin."

I tried to capture Yash singing a Sunday School song.
Which goes -
As prayers go up
Blessings come down
Our God is so great
And loves us all.

Yash is an animal lover.
His parents told us
it is mandatory for all his
stories to have animals in them.
Before bidding us goodbye Yash prayed to
Jesus Papa and asked him
to bless Mama and me.

13 Fertilize my soul:

David said...

God loves these little children, and we would be wise to have faith like them. Simple pure trusting.

Felisol said...

Dear Amrita,
your life is just as rich as one could ever wish. A happy past, busy present and promising future.
How clever you are making those videos and monitoring them on YouTube.
That young boy I see as a picture of our future, and it is you singing with this silver bell voice in the background, isn't it?

Deare Diary said...

What a sweet video. I love it and all of your pictures.

LisaShaw said...

I was so deeply moved by Yash. Aww the refreshing mind and heart of a little child so willing to hear and receive JESUS!

I'm sorry to hear of Mr V's passing and I pray peace and comfort for the family and friends.

Love ya and thanks for sharing all the photos with us. Helps me to feel more connected to your life as my sister in Christ.

Gerry said...

A very interesting entry to me. I enjoy reading about members of your family. I have read a number of books about life in India which I enjoyed very much. I took a big interest in India upon reading Rudyard Kipling books and have continued to have this interest through many more books. How fortunate we are to have ways and means of getting an idea of how other people in other countries live. I swear I have read so many books about mountain climbing in the Himalayas I almost feel I went there. I bought every copy of "In Thin Air" I could find and gave it to people. I just sent one to Sugar, the last one I found. Have you read it? I read bios of Mahatma Ghandi and Indira Ghandi. I appreciate everything about India you tell us, including the kind of foods you cook and eat. Gerry

Rosemary said...

I so enjoy your blog entries, you have a beautiful way of sharing your thoughts and perspective. I hope you are doing well and are less stressed. You continue to be in my prayers.

Denise said...

Sorry to hear of Mr V's passing.. I love reading about the people in your lives........ and Jesus loves the little children.... How precious in HIS sight when one gives his heart to the Lord....

Terry said...

What a blessing they are to you amrita and to mama...such sweet sweet children...

amrita, my friend , if i give your my user name and secret number, could you put a nice template on my blog site,
i especaially liked the one you had once on yours with the pretty curtains....let me know, ok?. it was there the time one of your little nephews had a birthday.
love terry

MeMaw said...

Little Yash sounds like a sweet little guy!

So sorry to hear of the passing of Mr. V

Enjoyed seeing all the pictures and thanks for sharing them.

Olde Dame Penniwig said...

Amrita, your family runs with the Movers and Shakers of India!

How clever you were to locate your old friends via Facebook! And to post these videos!

sherri said...

Oh, that beautiful little boy and his precious song! It made me smile.
I love hearing your language, as well. This post was lovely.

Amrita said...

Hi friends, thank you for your comments.
I winds nearly knocked me down when i was walking on the rad under the blzing 110 F sun looking for a rickshaw to take me home.

Today was also a very hot , dusty day. Its no use dusting the house, it gets a coating within 5 mins. I hate it.

Felosol its not me singing, its the lad 's mother. She 's got a good voice, she sings in the church choir.

Oh no Dame Penni,
Its just that we know a few of these elite people. We don 't move in their social circles. Just on a family level. We have friends among the rich and poor and of course middle class.When we were growing up our friends were very rich but we never felt poor somehow.LOL.India is a good mix.

Amrita said...

I will ask little Yash to say a Bible verse or sing a song in English next time.