Thursday, 9 April 2009

The Last Supper

I went to St Paul 's for the Maundy Thursday Communion Service.
Many women wear

white saris for the occasion.
So I donned a white one with a border.
Which made me look like a Congress party worker.
My Indian readers will find that amusing because
the Indian Parliamentary Elections are
just round the corner and you can see
Congress Party workers sporting
handloom saris similar to this one including
women politicians like Sonia Gandhi..,she also wears a big manly watch like I have strapped on.LOL!

There was a rain storm last night
and our frangipani looks fresh.
I read about the frangipani tree in the novels of Somerset Maugham
but saw one when we got this tree.

St Paul 's church.
During the British Raj it was a part of the Divinity Seminary owned
by the Anglican Church.
After Independence part of it was sold to a
college owned by a non-Christian organization. In the other
half there is this lovely church
and houses owned by the congregation.
It was a very meaningful service.
The speaker was Dr Shepherd,
the Chancellor of a Christian University.
He based his message on John 13.
Jesus washing the feet of his disciples
before the Passover Feast.
In the East this was done by servants
and we Asians can relate to that very well.
But our Lord took this act upon Himself
to teach the disciples love, service and humility.
And that he was cleansing them.
While surfing the net for these paintings I came across one
which shows Jesus washing the feet of world leaders like Osama Bin Laden.
I saved that painting but I will not post it here
as it will pollute my blog.
It is absolutely appalling, ridiculous,
objectionable ,dreadful, ghastly and hideous.
Later on I will go to that website and post my objection
as a lot of people have done.
I believe this painting appeared in the
media somewhere in the US.

I did record a part of the Communion Service,
but unfortunately it was not saved on
my camera. I must have done something wrong.
Actually I was sitting right in front with the Pastor 's wife
and felt a bit self conscious taking a video in this solemn service.
Anyway there 's always a next time.
In India, during the Lent many congregations have daily cottage
meetings in different members homes,
and people are served a nice tea or even dinner after the meeting.
During Passion Week
there are daily services in church.
On Good Friday there is a 3 hour service
from 12 noon to 3pm
in which there is special music and 7 preachers
give messages on the 7 last sentences of Christ
from the Cross.
This is followed by afternoon tea and refreshments
as people break their fast.
In my church we are having a morning service tomorrow.

14 Fertilize my soul:

~Robin said...

wonderful encouragement and reminder of the humble servant our Jesus is.
You look beautiful Amrita, thanks for sharing those photos with us!
Bless you~

Paresh Palicha said...

Congress Party Worker!!!!! Naaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii :( :P Heard My Wail? :P God Bless you :-)

Amrita said...

Thank you Robin.

Really Paresh, don 't you see those women dressed inhandloom saris on TV.I like the saris worn by Sheila Dixit, Sonia Gandhi and Renuka Choudhry and Brinda Karat.LOL

Paresh Palicha said...

Sis, I just meant you shouldn't be corrupted by politics :P

Sita said...

Actually, I think that they could use you in politics there, Amrita! Go for it...
Have a wonderful Easter.
Love, Sita

madison said...

Beautiful pics. I will email you pics when I can find one with me and the boys together.
Your church sounds like it's going to be busy to.
Hubby was telling me it rain for 2 days in his part, which made it cooler there.

Olde Dame Penniwig said...

I think frangipani is one of my most favorite scents in all the world.

Your blog is always so interesting, Amrita.

As to the painting of Jesus washing the feet of Bin Laden -- tell us how you really feel...LOL...WOW I can tell it got your ire up!!! It does seem quite absurd!!! Of ALL the things to paint!!!

LisaShaw said...

Precious, I came by to wish you Jesus joy and peace during this special time.

Blessed Resurrection Sunday to you.

Love you and beautiful photos.

Gerry said...

Interesting to read how you worshipped there during this week. I was raised with a father who I thought was treated like a pariah by the religious members of his family and the community which did not really seem like something Jesus would have done, but everyone's different interpretations of what Christianity is carry their own weight. I have always thought that family should come first unless members of that family are trying to lead others astray, but even in that case the innocent children of the criminal types must be looked after by family members which is always an iffy proposition. I was taken out of my father's home when I was 13 because it was thought I was suffering from a nervous breakdown due to my father's drinking, but I soon left my religious aunts home who demanded that I be religious and attend a number of church meetings and she would not listen to any of my objections to being coerced. I accepted her terms, but when I left her home after 2 years she hardly spoke to me again. I did not think that was religious. I thought this was meanness practiaced in the name of religion, so then comes the problem of what is done in the name of religion that does not set well either! Gerry

Annette said...

you are such a pretty lady, and you look stunning in your dress, I love the picture of the inside of the church, kind of looks like the old style of the Catholic Churches, before they went to a modern look, there is one Catholic church in my town that is very old, the they built the same church out in the country and it looks like something that belongs in Italy, the old one is still used for weddings and special things, its gorgeous! you can have an old run down church or you can a brand new one that's beautiful, but you have got to have Gods love in it to feel like his home.I hope you and your family have a blessed Easter...

monsoon-dreams said...

we do have fasting prayer on friday,but no good friday worship.last year i attended a wonderful worship on maundy thursday when i was in kansas city.they enacted the last supper of Jesus.
ya,u do look like a mahila congress leader:-).hey,i met shashi tharoor again yesterday,shook hands with him and also got an autograph .are u jealous? :-) :-)one of my friends asked me not to wash my hand (which touched shashi) for atleast three weeks .

Gail W. said...

As always, Amrita, my visit here takes me to the other side of the world in a delightful way. You are so beautiful! The church is so beautiful! Thank you for sharing with us. Have a wonderful Easter weekend.

Annie K said...

Amrita, I so enjoy your pictures - and I share the sentiment that you are a beautiful woman!

I am thankful that Christ's death on the cross brings those of us from all walks of life together.

Felisol said...

Dear Amrita,
You look ravishing in your white sari.
Thank you for sharing thoughts about the essence of Christianity, and also how your Indian practice is.

It seem to me that you are living closer to Christ and to the church than I am.
You are a strong witness in a part of the world where being a witness does not come free.
God bless you.
From Felisol