Saturday, 25 April 2009

Fall into The Rhythm

A group of percussionists encourage young people to come out and vote for change.

We got the flat roof of our house white washed
with a cheap lime based solution.
Read somewhere that white roofs keep the house cool
as the rays of the sun are reflected backwards.
And I tell you it really works.
Our house has cooled down considerably and
we don 't have to run our air convector
water cooler all the time.
Its a cheap and environmentally friendly way to keep
your house cool. Our temps have crossed
the hundreds mark and will rise further.
I have trouble with my computer
in the heat.
Maybe poverty sows the seeds of evil in people.
I went to the back of the house to get some lemons from our Meyers lemon tree and found most of the fruit missing.
We have all kinds of poor people moving around on our campus gleaning leaves and grass for animals and wood for fuel.
Could be one of them or the mischievous boys
from an economically backward area in our neighbourhood
But I am very upset as those lemons make very good lemonade.

16 Fertilize my soul:

Patti said...

I guess poverty could make people do things they might not normally do.

Annie K said...

Wow - 100's. That is hot!

And I'm bummed about your lemons. I love fresh lemonade.

Julie said...

I have heard that about white roofs. Glad it is true. Loved the video. Sorry about the lemons.

Felisol said...

Dear Amrita,
I sure could do with some of your sun. What about a change?
By the way, I don't think poor people are worse than others, only more hungry.
Te worst is making barriers so that the poor never see any hope of a better future.
Have a nice Sunday!
From Felisol

Saija said...

we are barely hitting 50 during the day time ... half of your temp ... isn't that amazing how we all live in such different climates!

and re the missing fruit ... :o(

Annette said...

I've read your other post and that's so sad, I can't imagine people storming in God's house and ruining it, and terrorizing the people in it, all because some chose to live the life of our living God, and God say's " If you for sake me, I never knew you" or something to that, I tell everyone if someone asked me if I believed in Jesus Christ, and I knew I would be killed for claiming to be one of his children, then they'd have to kill me. I saw it on the news about the riot and I wondered if you and your family where affected by it, and your lemons, that's so sad, why don't they just come and ask instead of stealing them? but you will be blessed 100 times over for letting the poor take them, but if it's the mischievous boy's, well, they just broke one of the 10 commandments! an who knows they might get blisters on their lips for stealing them (hehehehe) just kidding.
Hugs to you~

Julia Dutta said...

Hi Amrita,
Theheat has beaten the Politicians this time and no matter how much Priyanka Gandhi tried or whoever, did what, the heat of the sun beating down on houses and heads, kept people from coming out to cast their vote. I believe in Allahabad, on the 23rd April, only 43% dared out to brave the sun to cast their vote. Or is it just, that people are tired of plundering parties - this way or that, its all a mess!

Julia :)))

JoAnn's-D-Eyes said...

Hi dear Amrita,

Sorry that I wasn't able to visit ytou because of the lost of my PC's , but ere I am and as always I love to read abouyt your do's and don'ts , take care my dear and wishing you the best, be carefulll with yourself.

Bye JoAnn /Holland

Sita said...

Amrita, left you an award..check out my last ya,

madison said...

I've heard about the white roofs making a home much cooler. Glad it's working.
Hubbys area is hot right now to.

Olde Dame Penniwig said...

Oh, I hate thieves. Just would like to get ahold of them and whip them good. It's a theft pure and simple, no one NEEDS lemons to live, they were just taking a treat for themselves, at your expense, the wretches.

I can vouch for the white roof, Amrita. We have an old white roof and are getting a new white one also. Our house is cooler than our neighbors who have the more "fashionable" black roofs.

Amrita said...

Hi friends. The white roof is really working.

Yeah what to do , the poor people one is trying help can take advantage of you at times. Our veggies and stuff gets stolen .Their poverty makes them do it.But we have to teach them to be honest too.
Once my sister gave my an article of clothing and i washed it and hung it out to dry. A woman came and stole it. We knew who it was and sent a girl to check her house. Lo and behold it was there. When the girl confronted her, she denied having stolen it saying her husband gave it to her. Her poor husband could not have bought it as it was a foreign made thing not available in India. LOL.

Amrita said...

Hi Julia, I know the voter 's turn out was quite low becasue of the heat. The election commsion should keep the temps in mind. I did not go because of the heat.The politicians are giving us a heat-stroke in any case.

Now the chappal is mightier than the sword. Everybody is going crazy.Can 't they respect the politians as older men. In our country people show respect to elders by touching their feet. These perverts are throwing footwear at our seniors.

Loved Priyanka 's interview with Barkha.

Amrita said...

Hi JoAnn, wishing your computer a speedy recovery.

Terry said...

dear amrita,
your painting the roof white reminds me of two years ago or so that we had to get our roof shingled.
it was a hot, hot day and the roofer said that we should use a light shade shingle.
we have a white house, so i said, "no, i want black!"
"oh, but it would be so hot to do the job!"
"i WANT black!"
bernie said, "aw terry, don't be mean!"
"i want black and that is it!"
well we did get black alright amrita, but the poor guy and his helpers sure did a bit of frying while they did the job.
kinda' made me feel a little guilty, but i am telling you, that black roof on a white house is a pretty sight! terry

Amrita said...

I knpw black and white is pretty and I like it too.A white roof would make it too cold for you in the winter too.