Monday, 9 July 2007

Open the Roof

We had a visiting preacher at our church. Dr. Patra holds a high position in the Forest Dept. as well as being an advisor to the dept of Forestry in the Christian Agricultural University.
He spoke on the incident from Luke 5 in which the paralyzed man 's friends opened the roof of the house to let their friend in to meet Jesus as the entrance was too crowded.And when Jesus saw their faith he healed the man 's body and soul.This story set me thinking about how we can 'open the roof 'to introduce our friends to Christ.

We can do this by-
Praying for them
Helping them in practical ways
Inviting them to church or Christian meetings Providing a listening ear- A girl with a personality disorder talks to me for long periods of time on the phone saying ;you are a believer that 's why you listen to me, nobody else would.
Going the second mile-My father was a great one for that.In fact my last argument with him a few hours before he died was about this.He was making an expensive long distance phone call to book Christian retreat accommodation for a rich college professor whom he did not know.This man was a friend of a cousin of a relative (quite complicated).

I 'm sure , friends you have many good ideas on how to 'open the roof '


This morning when I checked the Nehemiah Project 's (church) bank account I was very worried as our workers are asking for further payments and we have to pay our daily helpers.My mother and I were debating as to how to remedy the problem. Should we stop the renovation or dismiss our groundskeeper and night watchman.I went to the bank to withdraw money feebly telling the Lord that I trust in Him.

When I returned Mama gave me a FedEx packet which a gift check in it enough to pay the next installment to the workmen.God is faithful...Jehovah Jireh!

Had another close call this evening. I took Sheeba out for a walk securely leashed (she really enjoys that) as well as to collect some clothes from the tailors (I am recycling old saris into salwar kameez (Indian blouse and pants) and nighties. On the way we met an couple of stray dogs whom we chased away but just as we turned the corner we came face to face with 3 ferocious Doberman who were unleashed.They started to move menacingly towards Sheeba.I could not stop screaming. Luckily the owners were there and they grabbed their dogs by the tails and I just ran down the street.Its very irresponsible for people to walk their dangerous dogs unleashed.

Actually Mama had warned me about the dogs but I thought she 's never seen any, she doesn 't go out walking.Mom 's a prophetess.I gave her a weak watered down version of the story otherwise she would have given me her 'I told you so ' lecture.

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Carol-Ann said...

An incredible post right down to the last line! That one was my favourite and brought a quick laugh! Sounds like the dynamic between you and your Mama is quite similar to that between me and mine!

Nancy said...

Amrita, I always enjoy reading your posts. You have a very amazing life, though you may not think so .....keep writing. You make me smile.

Patricia said...

Hi! Thank God for inspiring you to start this blog. Your posts are indeed encouraging and inspiring :) I'll keep India and you, my sister-in-Christ in prayer too.

Janet Jeyapaul said...

You make us eat humble pie..BTW everyone is pestering me here lets be friends let s be friends...I said a career is more important than friends,and in my case when two friends have carreer there is no friendship, sorry pal...your blogging is mind blowing ( encouraging to go to some hiways and byways( not rightaway) can use the songs and rhymes ..

Becky Wolfe said...

Amazing how God awesome about the check showing up in the FedEx!

Like the "Open the Roof" analogies!!

Glad the dogs were grabbed before they could do any harm!