Tuesday, 14 August 2007

`"and you are complete in Him" Col 2;10 (Bible)

These days I am reading a devotional by Selwyn Hughes called Strong at the broken Places. I recommend it for everyone who floating in the Slough of Despond or sitting by its side.

In today's reading he says if we are to recover from the brokenness caused by troubles in our personal lives we are to depend on God and not on anyone else to meet the deepest needs of our personality.This truth can really transform our lives.

The needs of our human personality can be categorized in a number of ways but the most basic ones are these
1) the need to be loved unconditionally...SECURITY
2)the need to be valued ...SELF WORTH and
3)the need to make a meaningful contribution to God 's world ...SIGNIFICANCE
Human beings can function effectively only to the degree that these needs are met. if they are unsatisfied,our ability to function as a person is greatly hindered, if they are adequately met then other things being equal we have the potential to function effectively.

Our need for security, self worth and significance can be fully met only in a close and ongoing relationship with the Lord Jesus Christ. If we do not let Christ meet these needs then because they have to be met in order for us to function effectively we will attempt to get them met in and through others. But no human being however loving ,kind and considerate they may be,can fully meet these needs.They can only be met in Jesus.

We 've had a hot and humid spell and now its raining, COOL.

Aunt S is doing OK she seems happy oblivious to all troubles of life. no tension, no worry,just wants to go home.She is like a small child.

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JoAnn - NL Photography said...

Hi Amrita,

How are you doing? Thanks for your comments, I read your words in your blog, Exept for the bad weather overthere which we have here now also, I can say: Take care my sweet friend,


Ruth said...

hi amrita! thanks for the sweets you sent my way! :) you're a blessing....

Kate said...

Your aunt lost her anchor when your uncle died, I'm afraid.

Anonymous said...

thank you for visiting. i'm glad to know a sister in Christ in india. hope to see you again soon. God bless you.

Anonymous said...

amrita, if it's not too much to ask, can you please hold me and my husband jec in prayer too? we really need it.

curious servant said...

I too am most grateful for your recent prayers

Anonymous said...

thank you, amrita.

Aphra said...

It is very true what you write here, but can be hard to put in practice!
I recently see that things that take the place of Christ are idols in my life. But they aren't always easy to get rid of!