Monday, 27 August 2007


The present Indian government,the UPA coalition is facing a crisis as a result of the nuclear deal PM Manmohan Singh (Congress party) made with Pres Bush.Most Indians think so too as it will facilitate much needed power generation. Not so the Left parties, who are the principal supporters of the UPA and the right wing Hindu BJP party.This could lead to a mid-term general election.

Talks are going on between the Congress and the Left parties. Lets see what the outcome will be.

The shocking Hyderabad terror attacks has numbed the country again.More than 40 dead. Our hearts bleed for those killed, wounded and maimed.Will this ever stop?

Why innocent people? Seven Information Technology students visiting from the neighbouring state of Maharashtra died,young men full of promise.A brother left his two sisters waiting in cab while he went inside the fast food joint where one of the bombs exploded, he died in there. Many tourists were enjoying a peaceful evening in Lumbini Park when the explosion snatched their lives away.

O Lord have mercy on your creation.

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Vittal said...

It's really scary to see how these 'bombing' culture is slowly moving to other cities such as Hyderabad and Bangalore.

As to the Indian politics - what can I say? On any given day, 90% of those politicians can be rounded up and booked under corruption charges. Congress would have done exactly the same thing what BJP / Left parties are doing now. It's very depressing.