Thursday, 9 August 2007

Wired for Life

My friend Carol Ann asked me for string instruments stories. Well I have to dig my memory for those. But I can recall that I got my first guitar when I was grade 8. Went to a music school. Discovered I could play by ear.

Our neighbours (mother and daughter) who were very staunch Pentecostals (Holiness types) visited us one day.Mrs D asked me to take out my guitar and play a tune. I obliged her by playing hymns and choruses. "Oh no, no " said she,"Play me the latest pop songs" So I did and she sang along not caring if her Pastor or church deacons were passing by. It was so funny.

Later on I took up the sitar (Indian instrument) in senior high school and I have a bachelors degree in it.Somebody gifted me their old violin and I wanted to learn that , but couldn 't find a teacher or the time actually to learn it.

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JoAnn-NL said...

What an interesting storie you wrote about! I ove the sound of a "sitar" instrument.

A violin is a difficult instrument but perhaps you find once a teacher to learn you play that instrument,

JoAnn's greetings

Ruth said...

oh fun! :) i used to play guitar....sort of...but i, unlike you, could NOT play by ear. i really couldn't play by note either though. :) it was decided that i really shouldnt play at all.


Kate said...

You have a musical gift! You're so lucky. How difficult is the sitar compared to the guitar?

Kalyan said...

Nice reading about your incident. I too like the sitar very much though personally I play guitar.
You have a very nice blog here.

Pat said...

How blessed you are to have musical talent! I have none except a great love of music. My mind sings beautifully, then when I open my mouth the sound that comes out isn't even close!
Enjoy your God given gift!

Carol-Ann said...

Ah! I just knew there was something to be revealed here about you, my friend! I enjoyed this post very much! I know nothing at all about it but I have heard the sitar is a very difficult instrument to play. It is impressive beyond words to know that you have your bachelors degree in it! Well done! Come on over and we shall have a jam session. I'm sure there must be an instrument somewhere in my house that would compliment a sitar.

Hey! Heaven is truly going to be a happy place! I believe we shall have amazing instruments. I have dreamt about them! Now I am eagerly waiting to find out if my dream was a spiritual foreshadowing of unbelievable pleasure to come or simply a reflection of my intolerable imagination!

Amrita said...

Kate, the sitar is quite like the guitar but the notes are different. It has a very melodious tingly sound, like a musical waterfall.

Oh yes Carol Ann, i wish we could all get together and have a jam. in heaven we will, how exciting.I would love to play wind instruments, just cant. I did drums for a while.