Friday, 24 August 2007

Much Better

By God 's grace I am feeling much better, altho I have short dizzy spells while Iam laying down and my head feels like jello from time to time.I have decreased my medication.

My TV is acting up.The humidity is getting to it. Had a part changed a month ago , but the problem 's resurfaced , asked the repairman to have a look. Have to replace my car (Maruti 800) battery.
Well this is life.

We are coping much better with Aunt S Sort of getting used to her behaviour.
In India the cell phone battery blast scare is going on.Nokia batteries are exploding like WMDs so report the paranoia inducing news anchors. And this evening somebody 's Samsung exploded in Agra. Mine is LG so I 'm safe.Whew!
A lot of TV news is panic inducing , I like to take it with a pound of salt, unlike Mom who swallows it like a tonic.(She would have chopped my head off if she read this).LOL. I am also wary of health police.It goes on and on.

Saw a lovely movie this evening "Just Like Heaven" *rring Reese Whitherspoon and an unknown actor (to me) Mark Ruffalo.After a long time saw a decent flick. But the enjoyment was overcast from time to time with my Mom trying to explain the storyline to our uneducated Muslim maid who had no idea what what going on.

Speaking of my maid I must tell you that she was invited to a family engagement celebration yesterday. It was her BIL 's SIL 's family. In India the extended family extends quite a long way.The SIL 's 3 girls, all cousins (complicated) were getting engaged.So 3 groups of suitors and their entourages came (sounds like The Merchant of Venice).There were the SIL 's family and friends too in all about a thousand guests.

Now these are ordinary working class people, but they are well off as they run a family operated catering business. The Indian caste and class system is complicated but its a part of our lives.Still the number of invitees is shocking, just for an engagement.How many will they invite for the wedding? We had a thousand guests for my sisters weddings.

I am reading a book by the late Mrs Billy Graham called 'It 's My Turn ' its a delightful book all about being a wife, mother, growing up in China before the Revolution, faith and facing the challenges of being the wife of a busy man.I recommend it to all my readers.Ruth Graham is one of my favourite women.
In a chapter called Dog Training she writes;

"Dear Journal,

Every parent should read at least one good book on dog training.Odd how,in a day when children are notoriously disobedient,dog training and obedience classes are increasing in popularity. Basically the rules are simple.

1. Keep commands simple and at a minimum. One word to a command and always the same word. Come, Sit, Stay, Heel, Down, No (I talk my children dizzy.)

2. Be consistent.

3. Be persistent. Follow through. Never give a command without seeing it is obeyed.

4. When the dog responds correctly, praise him.(Not with food.Remember don 't reward children materially for doing well. Your praise should be enough.)

Its a fine kettle of fish when our dogs are better trained than our children."
Well behaved Sheeba waiting for her 'goodnight biscuit/cracker ' a tradition established by my Dad.

6 Fertilize my soul:

Ruth said...

sheeba is ADORABLE!

Rebecca said...

I love your stories, and I am happy that you are feeling better......

Shari said...

I remember awarding our dogs for doing a trick with a "cookie" (dog biscuit).

I hope you are feeling better since you posted this. :)

Vittal said...

Really a nice post. Glad that you are feeling better.

Donetta said...

Well, Hello Dear Lady,
So delighted the wave has ebbed and the storm has passed. It sound so inviting how you open our eyes to your world. The cast system in India has a reputation of complexity.
If only I had pups as well trained. My husband got very frustrated with one of ours. Perhaps it is he who needs the training:)
I hope you have a wonderful day If you would like to email me feel free to.

JoAnn-NL "Through my Dutch eyes" :) said...

Hi dear Amrita,
:) smile for you that you are feeling better, Love your dogs face and "the rules " for dogs...

Take care :) JoAnn