Saturday, 11 August 2007

Girl Interupted

Hello friends.Took aunt Sybil to her bank yesterday. They wanted her to sign her cheque in front of them as her signature doesn 't match the original. Asked a friend to drive my jaunty jalopy.Had to get it fixed first. Its such a struggle trying to deal with the people at this particular bank. Its the worst bank in the world. They treat you as if you 've come to rob them, very uncooperative.I found a man who was good and helpful.

Anyway some paper work was left and it was lunch time, my driver friend had to get back to work so I sent auntie back home. when the bank person got back after lunch, he coolly told me that he needed another signature from Aunt S , which had to be witnessed by him.So there. I will take her again to the bank on Monday and Mama too as she also has to get some paper work done.

Today I went to another bank. This one is really user friendly and helpful. What a difference.I deal with 3 banks on behalf of various people and its quite a muddle.

A shopping mall is having a 5 day sale , so I went. It was a lesson /exercise in self denial. bought 4 pounds of potatoes, 2 pounds of paneer, 2 packets of cookies, and a small perfume spray. Said no to thousands of other things begging to be bought.

Yesterday we had a prayer meeting in our living room. Good time. I
served a cold chocolate drink and homemade blueberry muffin bread.

Aunt Sybil 's dementia is increasing day by day. Her personality has changed. She used to be so quiet, now she talks non stop.Rationality and logic has gone. Remembers old things. She wanted to go to her parents.

I said; Phupi (aunty) Dada, dadi (grandpa/grandma)went to Jesus many years ago

You should be ashamed of yourself, calling them dead, they are very much alive.

OK phupi, if you say so. I shall give them a call.(Pick up my cell phone)

Ring ...ring Dada are you there?

Yes my dear

What is your address?

Rajapur (name of the cemetery) my mama is laughing and calling me crazy.

Where exactly are you located?

In the basement...6 feet under (mama is saying stop it) You can 't come in here my child.

Shall I send Sybil over dada?

Dada in an angry voice; No, Sybil can 't come in here yet...keep her there.

Poor aunty S is looking at me with a puzzled expression on her face, while mama is scolding me light -heartedly.

And I say, mama, what if Dada really comes over to talk to me

The conversation was much longer, I can 't put it all in here. But it releases tension.We have started to accept Auntie 's mental problems much better now. Its very disconcerting to see her wandering around aimlessly and babble disconnected things.For days we suffered from depression and anxiety attacks and still do, but God is giving us the grace.Aunt Sybil was a caregiver to so many people and now she has become like this. Mama prays with her and asks her to repeat the Lord 's prayer with her.

Do pray for us.We are coping much better by God 's grace, otherwise I was thinking this is the end of the world.
Pain is inevitable, misery is optional.

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Nancy said...

I am so blessed by your sense of humor in the midst of the very real trials of life. May God give you more ideas as you meet these challenges day by day. I think if Aunt S. starts to actually see her parents, then you might have an indication of the nearness of eternity for her.
I cannot imagine the stress you live with Amrita.
I was thinking the other day, our shoes were made to fit our walk alone. Mine will not fit you and yours will not fit me properly, but we can encourage each other.
I am thankful there is only ONE Who fits all our shoes. HE has walked this life before us and praise the Lord HE still walks with us every day. I love your stories...keep your eyes up !

curious servant said...

Thank you

Becky Wolfe said...

*giggle* You have a great sense of humour! And I applaud the way you take care of so many. Many crowns for you my sister. Its only natural that some of it gets you down & depressed. You will be in my prayers for peace & sanity.
Your blog blesses me!!!

JoAnn's-Photo-A-Day, said...

No its not the end haha, glad to see your so full of life, what an inspiration you are.

Arlene - BY HIS STRIPES!!! said...

You are so encouraging to so many, especially me. I enjoy reading your blog posts and enjoy learning so many different things than where we are here in the US.

You made me laugh about your aunt Sybil and your dada...that was funny.

Will be praying for you and your mama.

God bless!