Friday, 31 August 2007

Blessed Are You

"God will bless you when people insult you, mistreat you and tell all kinds of evil lies about you because of me" -Jesus (Matthew , chapter 5)

A friend sent this report about a place 3 hours away from here. I know Raju Abraham, I taught his daughter in the American school.Dalits are people from a backward, impoverished low caste background.The RSS and Bajrang Dal are extremist Hindu organizations.

. RSS attacks Christian Meeting in Uttar Pradesh 17 Aug. 2007 CPI Reports have just come in that a huge mob of RSS and Bajrang Dal activists attacked the Kacchuwa Mission Hospital near Varanasi in UttarPradesh. The hospital authorities had organized an Independence Day celebration where in they had organized Children's competitions and events in which about 400 Dalit Children were participating along with their parents. This was happening with the knowledge of the authorities and the police was duly informed about it. The RSS and the Bajrang Dal raised an objection to it and had complained about the event to the local authorities which had prompted the local authorities to further investigate the event following which they gave a clean chit to the mission. Infuriated by this the RSS and the Bajrang Dal today called on their cadre from various places near Varanasi and a huge mob attacked the mission at about 10:00 am. They destroyed property and caused mass vandalism and scared the children who started to run and took shelter at the back of the stage. Brother Raju Abraham tried to reason with the group and asked them to speak with him so that things could be solved through dialogue but the attackers hit him and roughed him up. He has a deep wound above his left eyebrow. Pastor Joy who was with Brother Raju Abraham, when tried to stop the attackers was also beaten up. According to reports the attackers shouted anti Christian and anti Dalit slogans and caused mass panic. It was only later that the police reached the spot. Last heard the Local Magistrate had arrived on the scene and statements were being taken.

I have many such reports from all over India.Opposition doesn 't like it when people are drawn towards the truth.The Indian constitution gives full freedom to all faiths to practice and propagate their religion.

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Anonymous said...

That's really is an unfortunate incident Amrita. Our society is just becoming hypocritical day by day and intolerance is growing. As long we don't respect every religion, perhaps we are not fit to live in a healthy society.

Carol-Ann. said...

The Scripture you presented at the beginning of your post is where courage is rooted! Otherwise we'd all melt away!

JoAnn - NL "My digital eyes" :) said...

Hi Amrita, as a matter of fact I am now this moment watching a TV documentire about lady DI.

The other day you were asking me about "awards" what do you want to know? I designed this award by myself , Just tell me what you want/need, maybe I an help you.

Sweet Amrita !
I like you very much and I love reading your blog also VERY MUCH,

Have a great and happy weekend, :) JoAnn

Pijush said...

Amrita, this is really unfortunate and uncivilized barbarism. We need proper education, by which we can respect all religion and people.

I like the script of Jesus, but I guess it will sound much better if we start thinking all the evils around me is because of me. Well, this is too much of Gandhigiri. But this is the key of peace.

nvittal said...

This is really depressing. I don't know what's so hard for Police to do their job! Also, I am more and more worried about 'confrontational' nature of religious groups like Bajarangdal and RSS. I should admit - my family has always been supporters of RSS. Lately, we have seen how 'rogue' elements have taken over the movement.

Well, what can I say? My heart goes out for all those who got physically attacked.

We need to pray for tolerance from all religions and faiths.

Donetta said...

I'm sorry to hear of the suffering and persecution. I hope they will comfort the kids. That must have really frightened then. I will pry for the children

Ruth said...

oh -- that is hard. i just heard from an old ywam friend of mine (acutally2 of them0 they are at the moment flying to india to spend a few months out there doing a ywam school. i wonder what part of india they will be in? maybe close to you! small small world!

shalom my friend....


Great work!

You know the situation and understand what to do inadversity.
Those who suffered in this incident may feel lucky for the pain they have taken for our father as he had done for our us.

We are with you dear brothers and sisters. We will be with you. But much important is that there is a place made for you all in the heaven on the lap of father.