Wednesday, 1 August 2007

Age is just a number

Today is my birthday and I am saying to myself ;"you can only be young once but immature forever."
We 've been having rain since the past 3 days but its quite humid too.I am coughing like a steam engine and feel pretty weak.Everybody says this fever just drains you out.
Since Saturday our electricity connection is off. I sent my complaint to the electric company they still have to come and fix it. Till then we are "borrowing" electricity from next door.
I am going to make egg curry for lunch. You boil eggs, shell them and fry them. Then prepare a gravy with onions ,tomatoes and spices pop in in some potatoes too and add the eggs to it. For dinner I 'll make paneer pizza. I 'll get someone to fetch me prepared pizza base from the shops.I make the topping with panner, tomatoes , onions and bell peppers.
There is a prayer meeting in Aunt Virginia 's house, but I won 't go as my coughing will shatter the peace.
Allahabad is a College town and people are coming to join various educational institutions.People we know have cone to put their kids in.Yesterday a family (from east U.P.) came with their two daughters, the elder one is joining B.Tech.We had seen them ages ago when they were little.The teenage girls were sweet and petite and my mum has one look at them and says,"Oh my what has happened to you both , you were such baby dolls and now you look so different". The faces of the whole family fell.And the self esteem of the teens took a nose dive to the centre of the earth.I tried to say a few encouraging words and later on chided Mom and forbade her from making such statements to anyone.Call my Mom a motivational speaker LOL.
I share my birthday with Herman Melville, writer born in 1819.

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Rebecca said...

Here it is still July 31st, so I can officially say "Happy Birthday" for tomorrow and not feel as though it is some kind of a belated wish! The food sounds great and I think that your coughing might add some kind of special excitement to a prayer meeting!!!!!

Rebecca said...

I forgot to say that I thought the part about your mother and her comments was Dad has taken to sometimes making such comments and when I ask him about it he says that he has to have his say while he still has the chance!!!

Pat said...

Happy birthday to you! I hope you feel better soon.
I can relate to your mothers comments - sounds like my very own mother!
I like your opening statement about growing older and immaturity being forever - that's classic!!

Kate said...

Happy Birthday, dear Amrita! I hope you feel better soon. Are you beginning to recover? LOL about your mother. What is it about older people - they are way TOO HONEST. My grandmother used to do the same thing to us: "Kate, dear, your teeth look so big, now. I suppose you'll need braces..."

Carol-Ann said...

Happy Birthday, Amrita!
Your mother and my mother must have gone to the same finishing school! What is it with these gals anyway! And look at your comments! Everyone knows exactly what you are talking about! Well, I like an old person who is zippy and knows how to speak out of turn! I just don't like being identified as their daughter when they do it!


Shari said...

I hope you've had a great birthday, Amrita. I hope that you have recovered from your bout of illness.

I agree that having a dog around makes you feel more protected when you are alone in the house. :)

Vittal said...

I hope you had a great birth day!

Now, who told you that can eat paneer pizza and egg curry when you have fever and cold? You should have simple soup and take enough rest! :)

Arlene - BY HIS STRIPES!!! said...

Happy Belated Birthday my dear friend across the world. Most of the recipes that you tell us about in your blog, I have never heard of but sound very good.

Praying for you that your coughing much better by the time you get this.

Have a wonderful day and remember BY HIS STRIPES!

Ruth said...

HAPPY BELATED BIRTHDAY!!!!!!!!!!!! (and happy birthday to Herman too! ;) )

Becky Wolfe said...

Happy Belated Birthday my friend. Hope that cough & fever clears up right away. I love reading about all the things you cook & eat. Seriously drooling at the moment at the thought of the eggs. YUM!
Your mom is funny. I had a dear great aunt like that. Racist & very vocal. Her excuse "I'm old, I can say whatever I want." (She was 92) Not an excuse to say rude or hurtful things but we got used to her tactful 'way with words'.

Carol-Ann said...

Hi Amrita,
I put a clock on for you -- this one caught my attention because it is a world clock ... click on any country and it will show the time there but it will keep the default for India when you refresh the page. If you had something else in mind, let me know and we can make a change so easily!

Hope you are feeling better!

pai said...

Happy birthday, a few days late!

I love hearing about your meals - it makes me want to fly to India just so I can share and experience it!

Hope you get better soon!