Sunday, 5 August 2007

Sunday blessings

Had a good worship and communion service. A Bible College student named Rahul was the leader.He heads in a very Spirit filled way.

My cough is a lot better thanks to a herbal medicine. One dose and I feel better, the conventional cough syrup was taking too long.And I had Tulsi or Holy Basil tea, it helps the throat. Wonder why its called holy Basil?

Since Uncle Kenneth died Aunt Sybil 's mind has deteriorated very fast. Her eyesight is almost gone too. In the evenings she gets very agitated. I am giving her a mild sedative recommended by the doctor otherwise she was driving herself and us crazy. Its hard to see her like this, but this is life. It is very stressful for Mama and me, please pray for us. We need special grace to go through this. Its very hard.

Yesterday a friend, Verghese Cherian visited us after 24 years.He was a student here and we were in the Christian fellowship (like the Inter Varsity Fellowship). He holds an important position in the state dairy of Kerala (S.India), his wife is a dentist.His church wants to do outreach work in N India, he was visiting in that connection.

He reminded us of a Christmas program we had many years ago in which he was the leader.The music group I had formed called Singing Disciples sang a song.When Verghese announced the next group, he found that they were not ready.He asked the Singing Disciples if we could sing another song and never to miss an opportunity we got right back and sang another song. I had forgotten this. But its a good memory.

One thing I remember about the program was, my Dad was responsible to provide lunch and tea for about a 100 people.He charged very little money and provided such good food abundantly that everyone was surprised.

A few years ago there was a ladies conference at the Bible College and Canadian missionary Rev. Krampitz asked my parents to do the catering.As usual my Dad provided excellent food as the minimum cost and Rev Krampitz could not believe it and asked my Dad to check his accounts over and over over again saying he must have spent his own money somewhere.He requested my Dad to manage the College cafeteria, but my Dad refused saying he had his church ministry and after retirement wanted to lead a less active life (which he was not able to do really).

7 Fertilize my soul:

Rebecca said...

I understand that within the Hindu religion the Holy Basil plant (Ocimum tenuifolium ) plays an important role for some of their traditions...and that is why it is called holy......

Ruth said...

your dad sounds like a STAR! what a blessing!

JoAnn-NL said...

Hi Amrita,

I think of you,

Travel greetings from JoAnn.

(I publiced also some pictures today)

Carol-Ann said...

Hi Amrita!
I love your accounts and memoires! But the current situation with your aunt does not sound like fun!

You mentioned once before that you played "stringed" instruments! I am determined to pull this out of you slowly but surely! How about doing a post about your music -- now there's a specific request!

pai said...

I really like the world map clock! Now that's handy :)

Felisol said...

Dera Amrita,
how energetic you must be. Taking care of elderly relatives, woring in the church and still finding time to play intricate instruments. Musci have a sothing effect to the mind, like when David played for Saul.
It's tough when eldrelies mind are malfunctioning. The brain changes in all persons by hhigh age, some are so unfortunate that they gat frontal lap changes, and then the whole personality is altered.
As with all illnesses it's hard to understand and maybe the wost to accept. We'll have to remember them as they once were, when they were in control of themself, nad seek to comfort and sootthe as best we can.
Basel is a herb wwich have a great number of healing effects. It's antibacteriell, can heal wound and ease bud stings, it also is said have a soothing effect on uneasy minds as well as the abillity to stop cramps. Even kidny related troubles is told to be helped by Basel king.

I find it tasty and use it for pleasure, especilly when making Italian food.
I whish you a good summer, not too much water, and some quiet moments to yourself.
God bless you.
Felisol in Norway

Amrita said...

Hi Pai,Yes the world clock is really neat. You can put it on your blog too, your are a cyber genius my friend.