Monday, 27 August 2007

Raksha Bandhan, Brother Sister Day

This is another great Indian festival. My friend Carol Ann taught me how to post videos so I am posting this one tonight and will write about the festival tommorrow.
The video is very clear , this festival celebrates the bond between brother and sister. I don 't have any biological brother, but many God given ones.

I heard about the bad weather in the US. Pray all my friends out there are safe. May God keep you all safe.Take care

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Pat said...

Even though the video wasn't in a language that I understand the message could be understood by anyone. I have one brother, no sisters. Even though we are seperated by distance we share a special bond.
Thank you for praying for our nation and all the bad weather we've been having. Just the other day there were 5 tornadoes not very far from my home - thankfully no lives were lost. God is mericful!

Anonymous said...

Happy Raksha Bandhan Amrita...that's a very very wonderful video. Have a very nice day.

I have posted some pics as a special Raksha Bandhan post. You can check it.

Janet Jeyapaul said...
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Donetta said...

Now a better Good Morning. I was rushing before I am returned. This makes me want to stop and show gratitude to me brothers today.
Some traditions are sweet in the innocent form.