Monday, 11 August 2008


India's ace shooter Abhinav Bindra created history by winning the first ever individual Olympic Gold Medal for the country. It's Abhinav Bindra, Abhinav Bindra all over the Beijing shooting range. Abhinav won the gold in 10m Air Rifle event. Abhinav Bindra scored 700.5 points in the final.
Although India had won 8 gold medals in Olympics hockey, it never won any individual gold medals. This is the first time any Indian won a gold medal in an individual event. The last time India had won an Olympic gold medal was in 1980 Moscow Olympics where the hockey team had claimed the gold. The entire country erupted into joy and celebration when the reports of Abhinav Bindra's great victory flashed across the television channels.
It has been a great moment for all Indians that have been dreaming for this for decades. Emotions were high in India, as tearful people stood up when the national anthem was played in the Olympic Stadium at Beijing.
President Pratibha Patil, PM Manmohan Singh, Congress President Sonia Gandhi, BJP leader LK Advani, Sports Minister MS Gill, IOA President Suresh Kalmadi and all leaders and high level sports officials have congratulated Abhinav Bindra for making the country proud.

Abhinav Bindra owed his gold medal to his parents, family and coaches. After winning the gold medal, Bindra said that he hopes that his medal would change the face of Olympics Sports in India. He also said that he became very aggressive, as he had entered the final as fourth. A proud nation salutes its great Hero. Hats off to Abhinav Bindra!
Bindra is the son of an affluent industrialist. He had a shooting range right in his backyard which is a dream for most shooters.

I enjoyed watching the opening ceremony of the Beijing Olympics. A spectacular show of culture and technology.

We watch various sports throughout the day.

My favourite are




Synchronized swimming


and a few others
I have posted a video which is taken from an Indian movie. Its a very popular song here celebrating Indian sports.

These are today 's pictures

By evening we were done.

The rains came after the work was over.It was good we weren 't interrupted.

Please do continue to pray for our Nehemiah Project , the Lord has provided but we are still short of funds needed to make all the payments.

We trust in His provsion.

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Robin said...

the wall looks very nice:)

Amrita said...

Thank you Robin. In all this the Lord has been a wall of defense for us.A strong fortress or barricade upon whom we can lean and find shelter in.

Roo said...

the wall is beautiful! and speaks of a beautiful picture.

Sita said...

The pics speak a million words...
As for India's medal, congrats!
We're still waiting for Canada! C'mon Canada! or maybe Trinidad! C'mon Trinidad! Oh well!

Mark said...

Trusting that God may continue to provide for the building project. Congrats to India on the gold!

Rebecca said...

How exciting for you and your country...a first Gold medal in an individual spot. A fantastic reward for the pursuit of excellence.....and a good reminder and a challenge to me to do the same in the little every day things that I need to accomplish. Of course, I fall far short of that but it is good to take inspiration from people who have been so focused and disciplined in pursuit of their goal (whether we think that goal is right or not is imaterial)that they are willing to set distractons aside for years and years in order to reach for the top! Yes, as you can tell, I ejoy watching the Olympics as well.

Build On!!

passing-thru said...

Thanks for the progression of pictures -- Great Job , thanks be to God
Congrats on India's GOLD

Continuing in prayer daily for U , Amrita -- May God touch U

Shari said...

I read about the end of the "gold" drought. India got its first Gold. Congrats to India.

The wall is coming along nicely. Trust in the Lord. He always provides. :)

Renae said...

Congratulations on the gold medal, and on the wall! Both are accomplishments to be proud of!

Julia Dutta said...

That boy did us all proud and I too loved the Olympic Opening ceremony. It was spectacular!

Simply Shelley said...

Hello Dear Amrita,congratulations to you and your country for the gold medal win..the wall looks very nice and constructed so well. We are getting some much needed rain here. Thank the good Lord...we were really starting to get very dry.
Take care and God bless...


Jo's-D-Eyes said...

Interesting the sport you like, good that the wall is finished , good job.

JoAnn Greetings

monsoon dreams said...

yes,abhinav did India proud.thats great.
i'm glad to see the wall completed.the Lord provides.

Vicki said...

Congratulations on India's Gold! Wanted to stop by and say hello, and let you know I've been praying for your Nehemiah building project.

God bless you!


Anonymous said...

Indeed the entire country is basking in glory now & a proud moment for everyone of us & all prayers for your wall project...God will always be there to share along the little joys of our life!

Ash said...

A moment of pride for India! Lovely post, Amrita.

Mrs. Mac said...

You and your fellow countrymen must be very proud of the Gold medal. The wall came out great. What a project that has been. Happy belated birthday ... sister ... may your week be blessed.

Maisie said...

Congratulations to Abhinav Bindra and to India. I just started watching the Olympics tonight. I'm about 3 days late. I got to see some of the women's gymnastics - which is probably my favorite sport to watch.

Julia Dutta said...

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Julia :)))

Angie said...

Congratulations on the wall and the medal!