Thursday, 7 August 2008

Nehemiah Project - The Plumb Line

A plumb line is a simple but accurate tool used for determining whether or not something is perfectly vertical i.e. upright. Used since very ancient times, a plumb line consists merely of a line and a weight of some sort, at first just a stone, but later a weight made from lead. Plumb lines were known to many people throughout Bible History, including Jesus Christ who would have owned a set of various weights of them for His use in the building trade. The Lord also used, and uses, a "plumbline," His Word, to determine how upright His people truly are in His sight.
"Behold, I will set a plumbline in the midst of My people"
References to the use of a plumb line in the Holy Scriptures are almost always that of The Lord's plumb line, how righteously people stand (righteous actually means upright) according to His Word.
"Thus He showed me: and, behold, the Lord stood upon a wall made by a plumbline, with a plumbline in His hand. And The Lord said unto me, Amos, what seest thou?"
"And I said, A plumbline."
"Then said the Lord, Behold, I will set a plumbline in the midst of My people Israel: I will not again pass by them any more: And the high places of Isaac shall be desolate, and the sanctuaries of Israel shall be laid waste; and I will rise against the house of Jeroboam with the sword" (Amos 7:7-9 KJV)
The condemnation wasn't just about The Lord's people back then. The Lord does not change. What He said was wrong back then is just as wrong today because The Word of God is Timeless.

The Messiah was and is however a better builder. We can be sure that He never built any crooked walls during His first coming, just as we can look forward with absolute certainty that the spiritual house of which He is the corner stone, or key stone, will be perfectly straight in every way. Christ is coming to make straight all that has made itself crooked.
(excerpts taken from Daily Bible Study - author Blank)
Last night it rained heavily

Morning was damp, but we started work.

By noon there was heavy rain and work had to

be stopped.

We gave our men and women half day 's wages and let them go.

Hopefully the sun will shine tomorrow and work will resume.
This morning I was praying Oh Lord, give me the faith of George Mueller - as our purse was getting lighter and lighter . Due to inflation the cost of building material and labour had tripled.

Our Jehovah Jireh is so good

by evening the Lord answered my prayer through His faithful servants.

The God of George Mueller
is my God too

Yesterday was the Hindu festival of Naag Panchami

This photo vas shot by my niece Mahima Naag Panchami or festival of snakes is a unique festival dedicated to honour the Serpent God or Naag Devta. Falling on the fifth day of Shravan in July/August, the cobra (snakes) are worshipped. Naag Panchami in Hindu MythologyFairly widespread before the Aryan invasion, worshipping of snakes or Naga was later incorporated into Hinduism by the Aryan themselves. Hindu Mythological books are famously filled with stories, fables and pictures of snakes. Lord Vishnu's couch is the green, thousand-headed snake (Ananta or Sesha) who could hold up the earth. Lord Shiva wears a snake for ornamental purpose. Even Lord Krishna is called "Kaliya Mardan" to commemorate his victory over the giant snake, Kaliya. A farmer while tilling his land incidentally killed some young serpents. The serpent took revenge by biting all members of the farmer's family except his daughter, who worshipped snakes.This devotional act of the girl resulted in revival of her family. So on the day of Naag Panchami, tilling of land is forbidden. Snake worship is however believed to have originated due to man's natural fear of reptiles. Celebration of Naag Panchami One of the oldest and auspicious festivals, women fast on this day. Also, women draw pictures and images of snakes on walls of their houses with a mixture of cowdung, milk and black powder. Offerings of milk, ghee, sweets, water and rice are also made at the sites of snake holes. Devotees consider themselves lucky if snakes drink offered milks. Naag panchami is observed and celebrated in different ways in various parts of India. It is mainly observed in Southern India, Maharashtra and Bengal. In Jodhpur, huge cloth effigies of the serpents are displayed at major fairs. Also in W.Bengal and parts of Assam and Orissa, the snake deity worshipped on Naga Panchami is the goddess Manasa. In Kerala, huge crowds throng snake temples on this day to worship stone or metal icons of the cosmic serpent Ananta or Sesha.

Please pray for our brother in Christ - Ruan ,battling cancer and sick vith puemomia in Moncton NB. This ShriLankan brother 's faith is amazing.

Also pray for the protection of our wall. Mischievous boys from a neighbouring area come during the night and break parts of the wall.Our guard went over to complain to the parents, they were not at home ,(out working). But the neighbours said they'll give them the message. They are destroying our hard work, just like the oppositi0n did to Nehemiah

14 Fertilize my soul:

Robin said...

I was just reading ezra this morning from the bible, and now to read that this kind of worshiping created things happens even now-in 2008, wow. I wonder what it will take to open their eyes to the One True God?
Thanks you for sharing this today amrita-very informative!
And the wall is looking great:)

Felisol said...

Dear Amrita,
I'm learning new things every time I visit your blog.
The plumb line, I am familiar with that. At nursing school we learned to tie a pair of scissors to a measure if things were in plumb.
The Norwegian Bible- 1934- translation use the word "measure string" so I've not gotten the proper content of The Prophet Amos,--till now.
I'm praying the Lord to guard your church and houses.
"If the Lord is not guarding the house, the watchman wakes in vane."
Have a blessed week-end From Felisol

passing-thru said...

My God too Amrita is the same God of George Mueller -- I take it that God met your expenses for that day --- a "faith" wall and a "faith" church --
Did U ever read of Sundar Singh the Indian evangelist of years ago --

Am keeping U in daily prayer Amrita -- Blessings on U

Kathryn said...

God has recently focused me on His "plumb line" as well as His righteousness and justice.

Found your site while surfing CWO and was blessed by your posts! :-)

Kathryn said...

Forgot to say that I was also recently meditating on Nehemiah. It struck me that the wall was rebuilt in record time because each took responsibility for repairing/rebuilding what was in front of/next to their own house.


Julia Dutta said...

Dear Amrita,
One post, I could read a million times! How beautifully you have combined the lessons from the Bible with the local practices in India - the Nag panchami. I learnt so much about it from this post. This is really the beuty I so admired in many of your posts in 2007. There is a feel of India, tangible and robust, mixed and meshed with her different cultures and religions.
Recently I came across an article in the Outlook Magazine - it talks of faith in Mother Mary in Kerala's Mannarkkad, where Mother Mary is worshiped by both Hindus and Christians alike and Goddess Bhagwati by people of both faiths. Here is the link:


PS: I hope you are feeling better. I think you did say you were not too good, or just exhausted. Take care.

Angie said...

Interesting you would speak of the plumb line. I just wrote about a compass. I so enjoyed your devotional.

Fascinating things you have shared with us.

I also thought of Nehemiah as it relates to your wall.

Donetta said...

Perhaps it would be in order to give the parents a gift of food from the garden and request again. The boys may be working to keep the builders in pay.
It is so interesting to think of the snake having been feared by so many. The enmity...
The trickster.
I am glad of the provision

nannykim said...

I hope things continue to go well on the wall!

Ash said...

Yesterday was Nag Panchami? OMG! I am so pretrified of snakes!

Keep the faith. Our prayers are with you.

Jo's-D-Eyes said...

Good afternoon Amrita!

What a educational story today I love to knwo all about building a wall, thanks for sharing!

Happy weekend from JoAnn/Holland
(almost back from holiday)

jeery said...
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Amrita said...

I took such pains to answer everyone, but a bad connection is wiping it out.

Thank you everyone.

Wel come Kathryn to my blog.

Amrita said...

The Lord undertook for us and our task is complelte friends.

You are right Donetta ,we gave food and clothes to the little children. Brought some joy to them and we could share the love of Christ with them.

Thank you for your comment Julia.

I differ with my Catholic friends whereas the worship of Mary and the saints is considered. In the Bible the Lord God said we are not to worship anything or anyone except Him alone.
Mary was a special lady but she is not to be worshipped as a goddess.Only the one true God is worthy of worship.