Sunday, 10 August 2008

Storm Against the Wall

Work stopped on Thursday afternoon because of a rainstorm
No work on Friday too.
Work resumed on Saturday.
In India construction is not suspended on weekends ordinarily as the daily wage labourers will lose their livelihood

Another section of the wall had to be repaired as it was about to fall down
The men set up a scaffolding
Plastering the wall with cement.
God is a wall of defense against the storms of life.
My mother 's cough is some better
I am allergic to changes in temperatures and my head feels heavy
and I feel dizzy.
Please pray for me

6 Fertilize my soul:

Louise said...

Praying for you Amrita, may you be well soon.

Amrita said...

Thank you for your prayers Louise. My vertigo bothers me a lot.I can 't hold myself up steady. I am getting medication for it.

Dick said...

Nice work, hope you feel better.

passing-thru said...

Am praying for U daily Amrita

Julia Dutta said...

Beautiful Pictures Amrita :)))

Anonymous said...

Hope you are fine Amrita...I just love the way you go on with life & share your little joys...praying for you & your family...God bless!