Thursday, 13 November 2008

Under the Shadow of the Cross

I attended the half day retreat today in the
Christian University 's Chapel of Brotherly Love.
It is shaped like a boat or ark.
The chapel hall is on the first floor with
the cross in the background.

The 20 foot high cross at the entrance

Brother P C preaching the Word
While waiting for the morning tea to be served
a group of students broke into songs of worship.
Group discussion on
1 Cor 2;14 - 3;9
The characteristics of 3 kinds of
people described in that passage
This was my discussion group led by
Dr Thomas Abraham (seated on the
extreme right) he is my younger brother in ChristView from the back
Notice the girls are seated on one side
and the boys on the other.A culturally accepted thing where singles are
meeting in church.
More friends

Lunch was served in the garden in the
pleasant afternoon sun.
The Pastor 's family who gave me a ride in their car
was staying back for the evening revival meeting,so I stayed back with them after informing my Mom and making sure she would
be OK all by herself at home.
The Pastor 's family and I went to a
friends home to rest.They gave us their house keys and we relaxed in their
large house while they were away.
This is a view of their back garden and lawn.
It overlooks the Yamuna river.

The next door neighbour , RJ has these
ferocious German Shepherds.
RJ and family are also our friends and
he is like my elder brother in Christ.
I was glad for that fence between the dogs and me.
Worship time at the evening meeting

15 Fertilize my soul:

Tiffany Renee Phillips said...

Beautiful view. Praiseworthy blog.

Sheryl said...

Wow how great to see brothers and sisters in Christ worshipping across the world. Thanks again for sharing your life with all of us.

Love to you,

Sita said...

Did you wear your new protective garb? (Chuckle).You just might start a trend..perhaps add an Indian scarf to make it more festive. (-;
Just had to ask. So glad you received refreshment for your spirit. Blessings to you..
Love, Sita

Julia Dutta said...

I love your picture presentations. They bring to life what words cannot. However, please explain to me this:

1 Cor 2;14 - 3;9
The characteristics of 3 kinds of
people described in that passage

(preferably on my blog :}


Kate said...

I love, love, love it when you show photos of your surroundings. The church is beautifully designed and I just like looking at the trees and plants, the people...even the German Shepherds

Felisol said...

Dear Amrita,
Wonderful warm and genuine fellowship among the Christians of your church.
I don't envy you your struggle for essentials like electricity, water and safe surroundings.
I think few would dare to trade place with you.
Nevertheless you have shown us a wealth that the world cannot understand.
God bless and protect you, Your Mom, Your church,
The Christians in India and The state of India.
From Felisol

Saija said...

i'm so glad you have these little oasis of rests ... and time to spend with other believers ...

love the pics too! :o)

Pat said...

When I see pictures like these you have shared it just makes my spirit happy! Well, not the dogs so much, but the church and all the believers in it! What a blessing these are to all of us in blog world.

Roo said...

good to catch up with you amrita. sending you my love. xo

Julia Dutta said...

This would interest you?

Kimmie said...

Yeah!! So Glad that God made a way for you to attend the retreat Amrita...glad that you were blessed.

Beautiful place of worship, I enjoyed my look around ;-)

Did God reveal anything new to you?

mama to 6
one homemade and 5 adopted

Janet Jeyapaul said...

PC is a wonderful speaker..he spoke at Dad's memorial service.

Amrita said...

Thank you friends for your kind comments.
Tifanny I welcome you on my blog.That SM Lockridge video is priceless. I made my Mom sit and watch it and other GodTube videos. My cousin brother learnt the whole message by Lockridge by heart when he was a teenager and he used to repeat it in the same style.

Hi Kimmie, the Holy Spirit nudged me to make a fresh committment for godly living and also strive to be a peacemaker in the body of Christ.

Julia I will answer your question

Donetta said...

Hello, I am so glad you got to have a time of refreshing. It has been my desire for you for so long. I think our culture would benefit from the gender division. It would be so much less distracting for the singles.

LisaShaw said...

My husband and I were just going through these beautiful photos.