Friday, 23 April 2010

Driven by Despair

I will indulge my sorrows, and give way To all the pangs and fury of despair. Author: Joseph Addison
These must have been the terminal thoughts of a young man called Goray who took his life yesterday morning.His relatives found him hanging by a rope in his dark hut in the village when they went to call him for breakfast.
Stories like these appear in the newspaper everyday. Today I read that 3 adults and 2 children killed themselves because they were wronged by a village council (khap panchayat).But Goray 's death came as a big shock to my Mama and me because we knew him since childhood. He had come to see us recently and we tried to help him.

We had known Goray since he was a kid. His uncle and family used to live in our church out house and helped us with odd jobs and errands. Vishamber (uncle) has a blue collar job in a government office. Vishambar 's son Chummu got involved with the law, so had to ask them to leave the church premises.

Goray worked as a houseboy and driver for government officers. But 3 months ago he lost his job. His married elder brother Kallu who has a criminal bent of mind gave him unending trouble. Kallu defrauded Goray to give him all his savings under the pretext of buying a house and sharing it with him. But he turned him away.
Kallu is married and has forced his wife to undergo several abortions.He has been involved in various anti-social activities. When Goray came to know that Kallu was planning to elope to Mumbai (Bombay) with another woman, he prevented it.
Kallu reacted with terrible anger and rage and beat up diminutive and frail Goray several times. The injured brother incurred severe head injuries and Vishambar paid for his treatment as the poor boy was destitute and had no where to go being penniless.
Goray 's father is an impoverished farmer and does not care for his family at all. Vishambar was sheltering his nephew for the past 3 months. He also finds hard to make ends meet as he has a large family to support.
About 10 days ago I called Chummu, (who has somewhat reformed himself and is married with a 3 yr old son) to fix my window swamp cooler. He came along with his pretty wife Manju who sat with my Mama and me and shared her family and life problems with us.
I will tell her story later on.
All these are village based people belonging to the peasant caste. Manju belongs to a higher caste. Chummu has a Bachelor' s degree and he does small electrician jobs.
While Chummu was fixing the cooler, Goray also came over . We met him after several month and he looked a mess. Skinny, weak and very depressed.
He shared his tragic story with us and said he was desperately looking for a job. With tears in his eyes he said he was contemplating suicide. Mama and I counselled him for a long time and asked him to pray to Jesus ( none of these people are Christians).
Our church groundskeeper said he would look for a driver 's job for him.I gave them Gospel portions and tried to encourage them.
Then Goray suddenly asked,,"Didi,(elder sister) can I make tea in your kitchen?" I immediately took Manju and Goray into the kitchen and showed them where everything was and said ;Go ahead and make tea for all of us, which we had with cookies.
Goray must have been feeling really destitute because he aske d me for vegetables. I had already made up a packet with what ever I had and gave it to him.When we paid Chummu we said use some of it for Goray too.
The news struck us very deeply. And my Mama was sick the whole day today, she suffers from nervous anxiety. Earlier this week Mama 's cousin sister passed away. I went to her funeral on Wednesday. This was grief upon grief.

These days people are giving up so easily. Depression, fear anxiety hopelessness is choking life out of people.Poverty fuelled by despair is pushing people over the edge.

Vishambar and Goray belong to Ganne village which was in the headlines earlier this month.
The newspapers reported that children of Ganne village were eating silica laced mud to assuage their hunger.Helped has reached that village just 45 kms away from my city.

Read the story HERE

But there is so much to be done. Our church groundskeeper Jags is very sick. Doctors suspect ulcers in his stomach. We are doing whatever we can and still more is needed. Please pray that the Lord fulfil our desire to help this poor man.The salary we give him is not enough for his medical treatment.

We believe our God -

"He raises the poor from the dust.

And lifts the needy from the ash heap'" Psalm 113;7

"How blessed is he who considers the helpless.

The Lord will deliver him in the day of trouble,

The Lord will protect him and keep him alive,

And he shall be called blessed upon the earth;

And do not give him over to the desires of his enemies.

The Lord will sustain him upon his sickbed;In his illness Thou dost restore him to health."

Psalm 41;1-3

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Sita said...

my heart bleeds with yours this day, Amrita...lifting you all up...

Mark said...

May God empower you to be a beacon of hope to those engulfed by despair around you this day.

Anonymous said...

I am praying too...and will encourage others...I think so many here don't realize how hard life can be in India...God bless your work...

Gerry said...

That is a very sad story. It appears that too much discouragement cannot be borne indefinitely. I feel very bad to think the brother was able to get his savings away from him and then did not come through with what he promised. I can see why you and your mother would be affected by this sad death. It seems that when poverty and bad luck happens to people the world over their depression may become too dark to overcome. I have to say that the beautiful colors the mother is wearing in the photo must cheer her up some. I do think when some members of a family do not act on behalf of their close relatives in valuing them that can be the worst and most intolerable blow of all because then they may feel that no one really cares what happens to them.

Felisol said...

Dear Amrita,
"When one limb suffer, the whole body suffers."
So it should be among us Christians too.
I pray for Goray's soul and for the welfare of his family left behind.
It's so sad.
I think of wonderful William Booth, who saw hopeless social circumstances in London, and came up with the slogan; soup, soap and salvation.
Jesus himself knew he couldn't preach to people living on an empty stomach.
We, I, have a huge challenge here.
God in Heaven have mercy with us.
From Felisol

David C Brown said...

It is wonderful to know that Christ Jesus is our Hope, and it is easy to see that without Him we would all be a prey to despair. I trust the Lord will touch hearts through this sad event, an bring in comfort to yours.

Holly, the Old Western Gal said...

How horribly sad, Amrita. I'm almost speechless with how horrible it all is. TERRIBLE. That poor man, those poor villagers.

Nadwra┼╝liwiec said...

When I read stories like that, I always think - how can I help these people? Besides prayer or memory?

Amrita said...

Thank you for your responses friends.

Let your ligght shine in this dark world.

I called up Jags brother to come and look after him here in the city.H e says he will come on Sunday, he is busy on his small farm

Amrita said...

Dear Zim (Ewa) let your light shine for Christ

Donetta said...

This is a sad sad loss. Life is so very hard and those who have no comfort or a way of escape often remove them self. Sound well that he will be missed and grieved. Taken by your kindness for I am sure it was a comfort to him in those hours allotted.

Crown of Beauty said...

This is so sad, yet so real.

Will be praying for Goray's family.