Friday, 18 June 2010

Jambulani , Vuvuzelas and the Beautiful Game

Jabulani is the name of the soccer ball

manufactured by Addidas.

The regular ball has 32 panels.

The ball for the 2006 World Cup in Germany

had 14 panels

and Jabulani , which means celebrate in Zulu

has 8 panels.

But the vuvuzela or the stadium horn is another ball game altogether.

This is no ' Little Boy Blue

Come Blow you horn' experience.

They make the most hated sound in the

world for the moment, but

that hasn 't prevented them from becoming the most

wanted FIFA memorabilia.

They are selling fast and free all over the globe.

Britain has a record breaking sale.

They are on iTunes -topping

the charts in Europe.

Does the sound of a million bees buzzing in your face sound

like music?

NewsCafe, South African pub in

New Delhi has visitors asking for them.

They sold out all 15 they had .

Maybe someone will get the

bright (blasting) idea of manufacturing

the Indian version for the Oct.2010 Commonwealth Games

to be staged in New Delhi.

Ours is called the bhonpoo

its like a vehicle horn, quite a

startling sound it makes-

enough to make the sleepiest driver sit up.

But I assure you that the bhonpoo discharges a more musical


Now if you are digging into your wallets or handbags to

buy the famed South African device

let me tell you that in Britain

it is selling at 2 Euros (Rupees 115) each

On you can order one for $9.99 (Rupees465)

On eBay there are more than 400 bids

for the coveted instrument.

One bid has reached $17.94 (Rupees 820)'

Oh I just read a company has ordered

10,000 vuvus for India.

Thank goodness India is a VERY HUGE country.

Now if you' ve not had the good fortune
of hearing the famed sound .
Watch this video.
One more thing.

I don' t understand why soccer is being

called ' the BEAUTIFUL GAME '

Oh yes I know Pele the superman of football called it that

in the title of his 1977 autobiography.

Soccer or football is a

game of power

raw muscles and bone,
mud, blood and studs (for the rhyme)
Well I do understand Pele' s emotion. But the word
beautiful conjures up an image of
dainty, elegant, soft skinned people
playing crochet, cards or even billiard/pool.
All the football fans out there will think
I need a penalty kick!!!

Namrita on a school hike

Thank you for praying for Namrita.
She is much better since yesterday.
Sounds cheerful on the phone.
As a result of our prayers
God applied the balm of Gilead on
her .


Yesterday we had a power cut for more than
7 hours
(the entire day).
Today 's lasted 5 hours.
But the voltage is very low.
Sometimes the sky is sprayed with
fleecy clouds.
We are waiting for the rains.'
I give Sheeba baths
and try to cool off with frozen iced water
Today I made iced tea.


This is been a blasting post.
And I want to end by saying that
we may avoid the buzz of the vuvuzelas
but no one will be able to hide from the trumpet call
when Christ descends on earth to gather
His people. Even the dead shall awake!

16 For the Lord himself will come down from heaven, with a loud command, with the voice of the archangel and with the trumpet call of God, and the dead in Christ will rise first.
17 After that, we who are still alive and are left will be caught up together with them in the clouds to meet the Lord in the air. And so we will be with the Lord for ever.
18 Therefore encourage each other with these words.
I Thess 4 ;16-18 (New Testament)
So Jubilate!

8 Fertilize my soul:

Nadwrażliwiec said...

Ice tea is good for heat, but I believe You won't have them by longer time... Poor Sheeba :( These high temperatures must be terrible from him/her. Well that Namrita feels better, all the Glory for The Father! :)
I sent You the translation - I wrote it in the Word document (I don't know which system You have, so I saved it as the .doc file).

Amrita said...

Thank you Zimb. I got your document. I retrieved it on Google.

Yes to beat the heat I like frozen things. Food also should be light like rice and lentils (dal) or kichrie with salad or pickles even chutmeys are nice.

Poor Sheeba feels very hot- her appetite has gone down too.

Nadwrażliwiec said...

I have good news for You :) I looked in the weather forecast and in Allahabad will be rain :) And lower temperature - it will be in next week, so You will wait not very long :)
This week in Kraków will be cold, with rain. I hope that our river won't flood again.

Holly, the Old Western Gal said...

Poor Sheeba! Our dogs get very disinterested in even a treat when the weather is too hot. It is worrisome in such old dogs. But they hang on, summer to summer, so far. The tile that they avoid all winter is now the favorite sleeping place despite being so hard.

I hate to say, but I am beginning to love the bee-sound of the vuvuzelas. And the Indian bhonpoo sounds even better!

monsoon dreams said...

hi amrita,
Loved te way you concluded this post.
if i had money i'd've bought all the vuvuzelas in the world and buried them.such an annoying noise.
iam so glad that Namrita is fine :-)

David C Brown said...

Just waiting for that trumpet to sound!

Amrita said...

Hi Holly , you always see the positive side of things even the vuvuzelas- in the emotionally charged atmosphere of the stadium everyone tries to scream or blow loudest.

Oh dear Nina, many will rise up and call you blessed if you do that.

Exactly David, that 's one trumpet call no one can miss. I tremble when I think of it.

Zimb my dear, thank you so much for the good news. My heart is drenched with joy.Mom also a weather report saying that its raining in most prts of India except our state. But the rains cannot be too late.

Holly again I have to add on Sheeba 's behalf that she cannot refuse your treats, she smelled them a mile away! LOL!

Gerry said...

My sister Linda in SF had been watching the soccer games and mentioned that horrible sound so I just had to watch your video and I agree. Ha. Thanks for posting it. You never know when a video will answer a need. Ha.
I think of you and have sympathy for your strife as it seems you live closer to the edge perhaps than some of us in the states do. But I am so glad you have the courage to keep us so well informed about how life goes in India. I treasure your blog for that reason as I have always loved reading about India.