Monday, 24 September 2012

Day 18- God' s Fitting Room

In God' s  kingdom one  size  does  not  fit   all,
just  like  in  the  physical  world.
 Each  one  of  us  have   been
created  a unique  indivdul,
  having  our own   private  finger prints,
uncertain  number  of  hair on   our  heads
(uncertain because   everyday  we  lose  hair,
at  least  I  do)
clothes sizes  which  shrink  more  than   hang loose  LOL.
(We  should  blame  our  clothes not  our 
weight   right?
 They  (clothes)  seem  to  have  a  mind  of  their  own.)

Our  inmitable  personalities  are  n 't stamped out  in
a coin   mint  either.
The  complex  network of  our  mind,  emotion and  will 
us into   singular  personalities
on God 's  unparallel  loom.
Each  person is  God-stamped whether 
he  appreciates  it or  not.
An  impersoal  force  or  mindless   machine
would  have churned us  us  out  like
choco  bars  in Willy  Wonka' s  factory.
But  God  infused us with  His
unequivocal colours
which give each one  of  us our
unmistakable  size, shape  and stirring.

"I will  give  thanks to Thee,
for  I am fearfully and wonderfully
Psalm 139;14 (BIBLE)

Here  is    poem by  Susan Locke which speaks
about  accepting  one another.

"In the  fitting  room
of God 's big family
do we force-fit shoes
yet claim they fit amply?

Do we find  a  church job
that 's about size seven
then cram in a foot
that  needs  an  eleven?

Do we fit new  Christians
who have  barely begun,
in huge  heavy work boots
instead of size one?

And when the fit' s good-
one just right for the  foot-
are we  busy elsewhere
when the  toe and shoe  meet?

When will we  learn -
a foot  that 's well  shod
has just  enough growth room
to run well for God."

4 Fertilize my soul:

Carol-Ann Allen said...

Well, Amrita ... Two days to halfway through this 40 Day adventure! How are you doing? BTW, I really like the concept of this post! This one could be developed into a whole Bible study theme for a series of devotional presentations at Ladies Retreat!

FlowerLady Lorraine said...

Great post Amrita ~ I really loved this line ~~ God infused us with His unequivocal colours which give each one of us our unmistakable size, shape and stirring. ~~

Have a wonderful week ~ FlowerLady

Felisol said...

Two important issues today. God has created us individually. Therefor we are equipped for different tasks in his kingdom. Also the newborn in must be given milk and not solid food to develop. I'm afraid many are scared away because they aren't accustomed to all the new "rules and behaving" of the church. Oh, that they must be treated like most loved new born and carefully, lovingly included in the fellowship.

Amrita said...

I really valu e your comments my dear friends. Thank you