Friday, 28 September 2012

Day 22- Lights Out

Power  rostering  is  a  daily affair  in  our  country. The power  sector  is  unable  to  meet  the  demands  of  the    burgeoning  population, and booming  industrialisation. Several  weeks  ago  due  to  over drawing  the  whole  northern  grid  gave  out and  several states   were  without  electricity  for  a  couple  of   days.  We  were  fortunate   to just  be without  power  for  12  or  13   hours  only.

A  3 hour  power  outage is  a  daily  occurrence  here . We  have  resigned   ourselves  to  it and  sort  of  plan  our  activities  around  it,  but  often  the  lights  go  off without warning  at   any  time  of the  day  or  night which   is  very  frustrating. Anyone  who  can   afford  it   owns  a  battery operated  inverter  (generator) which  can  run  your  ceiling  fan  and  light   for  a  few  hours , depending  on  the  strength of  the  battery. But  you   can 't  run  your  fridge, heaters, ovens or air conditioners  on it...these  can  be  operated by   diesel or petrol run  generators, which   only  the rich can afford. I  have   a    battery inverter  without which I  could not survive.

Alternative  energy  resources   like solar  panels are  few  and  far  between because    they  are  very expensive  to  install. Some government  projects and  NGOs  have  sponsored  them  in  rural areas.

Today  we  were   having   some plumbing work  done in our  church and  the   men  were  working after  dark.  When the lights  went  out plunging  everything in darkness I saw  tiny flashes of  light like   fireflies  zig zagging  in the  work area. Later  on when I asked  the  plumbers  what  were they  doing  in the  dark,  they  said  they  were working with the  lights  from their  mobile (cell)  phones. (So now  you  have   another use for  your  cell  phone).

Life  doesn' t  stop in  India,  lights  or  no  lights and  no  one  complains We  get  irritated , groan  and   click   our  tongues  and  carry on.

The  purpose  of   this  post  is  to  say how  great  it  will  be  in  the  new   Jerusalem the  new  heavenly  city  in which those  who belong to  Christ  will  live.  There   the  light will  never go  out  and  no external light  source   will be required because  the Lamb ( Jesus Christ)  is  the  light.
His presence is  Light. We  will  live in the  radiance  of His  shadows there.

O Lord  let your  presence light up  my  life  today and forever.
23 The city does not need the sun or the moon to shine on it, for the glory of God gives it light, and the Lamb is its lamp. Revalation  21;23 NIV (BIBLE)

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Jada's Gigi said...

No shadows

Terra said...

Oh Amrita, you always manage to turn around a difficulty and lead us back to Jesus and Jerusalem. Imagine working by the light of mobile phones; now THAT is inventive.

Carol-Ann Allen said...

We need to be spanked for complaining about anything in Canada!

Amrita said...

Oh my sweet C-A

David C Brown said...

Amazing to think of a city with no light but the Lamb.

Saija said...

i still do admire you for just "getting on with it ... "

and i give praise to GOD along with you - for the LIGHT of the LAMB!!!