Saturday, 15 September 2012

Day 9- Jesus Arrested Us

Some years  ago  in   the  American  school, I  taught
children from the  Royal   family  of Bhutan.
They  were  great  kids and  applied  themselves 
wholeheartedly to their  studies, respectful  towards
elders  and   disciplined  ( I never  had  to  put  them on
These  stamps  were a  gift
from one  of  them.
They  are  rare   stamps worth quite
a  bit,  I  should  imagine.
Bhutan  is  a  small  land locked Himalayan  kingdom
in the  north east  of  India.
Till  1949 it  was  completely isolated  and 
closed  to regions  beyond its  bordeers.
The  present  ruler  of Bhutan is more  open
to the outside  world  and  is  leading  his  people  towards
modernisation  and  progress.
You can  read  more  about  Bhutan at this

I reason I  am  telling you  this  is  because 
I want  to  share  a   mission  story with  you
from a  land  which   is  opposed  to the  Gospel.
Buddhism is  the  official religion of Bhutan.
Public  worship  and propagation of  Christianity
is illegal. There  are  a  few  Christians  there  but  they 
can only  pray  as a  family. Meeting  with  other  believers
is prohibited.
An  Indian Christian couple  living  in Bhutan  was  holding
secret meetings. They  were  very  cautious  to  change  the
venue each week and  maintain  secrecy.
One day  they  showed  a film about Jesus
to a  small  group of  people  behind  closed  doors.
When the  film  ended two strong impressive   looking
men  stood  up and  declared that  they were police  officers
and had  come to  arrest  them.
The  Indian couple and  their  friends  were  stunned and  didn' t  know how  to respond.
But the  two officers told them  not  to fear.
"We  had  come  here  to arrest  you",they  said,
"But  Jesus has  arrested us."
The men responded   in faith to  the  message  of Christ
which they heard  for  the  very first  time
in  their  lives .
We  are  told  that  they  are  now  sharing  the  love  of  God
among  their  people.
This  is  God' s  work. In infallible  proof that  He 
lives  and  moves  and   interacts  with  us.
After  you  read  this do  pray  for  the  tiny
country  of Bhutan  and  its unreached people.
My words...will not return to me empty,
but will accomplish what I desire and   achieve  the purpose
for which i sent it.
Isaiah 55;11

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Sita said...

Wow, what an inspiring story, Amrita. Bhutan is scarcely ever in the news, so is relatively unknown to the general public.

Nadwrażliwiec said...

Bhutan isn't present in Polish media. Most people think that this Oriental kingdom is full of tolerance and harmony. But persecutions of Christians were also in Bhutan and in Tibet, I read about Tibet, that there were even bloody persecution.

Amrita said...

On th e surface Bhutan is a very peaceful and quiet nation, keeping to itself, but it is anti - west, Zim.

Yes Sita very few people know about the existence of Bhutan

David C Brown said...

Very good: I posted once;postID=8572257707156107454 and quoted another good poem at;postID=343264543518648198

"But thus th’ eternal counsel ran,
Almighty Love, arrest that man!"

Good to see it working!

Anonymous said...

Years ago, at a camp meeting, everyone picked one country to pray for...I got Bhutan and have prayed on and off for the country and people ever since. Wonderful story of His great love.

John M Cowart said...

What a wonderful story Amrita. Thank you so much for the reminder. God is indeed with and in us as we are with him.

Every day he via just so many mediums is touching and changing lives all over the world.

Our eldest brother Christ Is alive and well and moving in the world. The seen and the unseen are at his command.

Personally I've never heard of this place that you speak of. But they seem to practice a very different form of Buddhism than I have seen in my research of other faiths and cultures.

The Buddhist's I've known were very accepting people.

Then again, I've met a number of Christians who also engender ideas of hate against other faiths.

I suppose it's just folks bringing out who they actually are and using their faith for their agenda irregardless of what their faith actually tell them.