Wednesday, 26 September 2012

Day 20- Heights and Depths

Today  I  have  reached  the  half way point  of   my  40 day  challenge, talking  about the infallible proof  of God' s  presence in my  life.

I   don 't  have  to have  a  mountain top experience  to feel  the hand  of  God in my   life.   I can  have  a bottom-of -a lake experience, or a  shoreline  experience if you like. God  is  working  behind  the  scenes 24/7

God  bumps  into me  in the  narrow corners  of  life. Like  today, I was in another   part  of  the   city  , far  from home and needed  transport  back A cousin gave  a  lift at the  time  I   needed  to  reach home. He  usually  starts 4 or 5  hours  later but  today he  just    was early.

I don' t  take  it  as  a coincidence. It was  God arranged.
So don 't  think  you  will  find  God  in  something  big,flamboyant and spectacular. He is present in  the  most insignificant realities of  life.

"I am with you  always..." Matthew 28;20 TLB (BIBLE)

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Terra said...

I like your point about God not always working in big flamboyant ways, and sometimes providing us with a much needed ride home, or other necessity.

Olde Dame Penniwig said...

Hi Amrita! I'm glad you got that ride home!

John M Cowart said...

Amrita! You are a very wise and observant lady Hon.

I've seen God do so much in so many small things. And in big things as well. A friend with spontaneous remission of cancer.

Finding a small whatever sort of thing lost that I've prayed that he would help me find.

He is indeed with us in each and every moment of our lives and listening to our prayers.

We live and move and have our being in him. And some small part of him seems to live in us as well. I guess that is the Holy Spirit.

What I most often forget to do is look for Him. Coincidence is a myth.



Carol-Ann Allen said...


Amrita said...

Thank you for your kind remarks dear friends