Saturday, 29 September 2012

Day 23- Made For Him

In  Russia many  people lived in  an apartment  house. The basement  of the  building  was  filled  with  the  junk of   all  the  families.Amongst the  junk was a  beautiful  harp, which nobody had  been able to fix.

One  snowy night a  tramp  asked if  he    could sleep in the  building. The people cleared  a space for him in  a  corner  of  the basement, and he was happy to  stay there.

In a while  the people heard   beautiful music  coming from  the  basement.The owner of the harp rushed  downstairs and found the tramp playing it.
"But how could you repair it? We couldn 't." he said.

The tramp smiled  and  replied,"I made  this harp years ago and when you make  something you can also repair it."

(A story told  by  Corrie Ten Boom)

"All  things  were  made  by Him and  without Him  was not  anything  made that was  made." John 1 ;3 KJV (BIBLE)

Only God  can  fix  and  repair  me, proving His  presence  in my life.

Enjoy this beautiful harp  music

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Carol-Ann Allen said...

That is such a good illustration!

John M Cowart said...

You always have the most lovely posts Hon. Thank you for being you.
HUGS! Johnny.

Terra said...

Imagine hearing the harp music mysteriously echoing through the building. Lovely post.

David C Brown said...

Reminded me of:

But we're more than mended - we're renewed.

Buttercup said...

This is beautiful. So enjoy your posts. Sending prayers to you!