Sunday, 9 September 2012

Day 3- Adventure not Challenge

This  morning  as  I  sat  reading   my  Bible  and  praying, a  thought  passed  through  my  mind.
It  was  a  whisper  of   the  Holy Spirit  and it  opened  my  eyes  to  a  fresh  perspective  on  life.
The  word   'challenge'  immediately  brings  images  of   struggle,  battle,  walking  uphill and  walking  through  muddy  waters , to   mind.
Challenges  are  heavy, like  young  David trying  to  put  on  King  Saul 's  heavy  battle  armour.  He took  it  off after  a  minute -it was  too weighty.
Challenges   fill  me   with  anxiety-dark brooding  thoughts  of  what 's  going  to  ensue. Questions  like  ,"Will  I   be  able  to  make  it  or  not?"  float to  the   top   like  foam   in  a  boiling  pot.
But  what is  adventure? It  speaks  of  exploit,  experience  and enterprise. A  venture  into  a  fresh  new  day totally  depending  on God to lead  the  way.It  can  be  an  uphill   or  downhill  adventure,  remember  Alice  in  her  Wonderland?
But the  comforting  thought  is  that  all  will  turn on  well  in  the  end.
So let  me  begin my  adventure  now.

Jesus said...I have  come  that  they   may  have  life , and   have  it  to  the  full.
John 10;7-10 NIV (BIBLE)
We  celebrated  our  Pastor' s birthday
after  service  today.
The  whole  church  was invited  to  a   delicious  lunch 
and  cake  hosted  by  our  Pastor
and his  family.

5 Fertilize my soul:

Nadwrażliwiec said...

Interesting view - day as an adventure. I've never seen that in this way.

Carol-Ann Allen said...

Oh my! That was a good Day 3 for me, Amrita!

Unknown said...

Each day as an adventure-isn't God amazing! He cares so much for us and what the spirit wispered to you speaks to me also. I'm going to write this in my bible so I don't forget. Wonderful post Amrita.

Amrita said...

Be blessed my friends.

Amrita said...

You Day 4 too C-A