Tuesday, 4 September 2012

When Life Hurts Most

Psalm 30

"Weeping may go on all night, but joy comes with the morning."

We are self-preservers. We strive to avoid heartache, pain and suffering. And we strive for that in the lives of those we love as well. We walk around trying to keep everything in order, everyone safe, everyone fed and everyone happy. We read articles about how to reduce stress. We count down to vacation when we can finally relax, and we pray fervently that no evil will fall upon us. When suffering strikes those we know, we are relieved it wasn’t us and we continue preserving our lives.

But how does this priority of preservation align with the Gospel? Jesus told us we would have trouble (John 16:33). We would certainly have trouble. It’s never been a matter of if, but rather, a matter of when. This knowledge should shift our priority. If hard times are guaranteed, self-preservation should no longer be what we strive for. Instead we should brace ourselves for the trouble by trusting deeper in God and believing in his goodness. That way, when the trials and tribulation show up at our door, we are able to turn to the one who told us ahead of time they were coming. If He knew what day and time these unwanted guests would arrive, He knows what we need in order to endure their stay, right?

Being able to answer that question with a confident “yes” allows us to take our life’s focus off of preserving ourselves and those around us and onto glorifying God. Hours before he hung on the cross, Jesus made it clear that God should be glorified through suffering. He prayed, “Father, the time has come. Glorify your Son, that your Son may glorify you” (John 17:1).

What if next time you found yourself under the weight of difficult circumstances, you uttered those similar words: “God be glorified in my suffering.” The hard times no longer are about you. They are no longer a curse or something that would make you doubt the goodness of God. Instead, it is an opportunity to deepen your relationship with Him and broadcast His love to others.

You will look a little crazy praising God after a tragic death in your family or after losing your job or your house or whatever it is. But ultimately your radical reaction to your circumstance will be the best and most genuine opportunity to show the world who Christ really is.

Louie Giglio - Hope: When Life Hurts Most (Passion Talk Series) from louie-giglio on GodTube.

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Terra said...

That is hard to do, isn't it? I am reading Amy Carmichael this week, "Rose from Briar", about how she turned suffering into focusing on God. She lived in India serving children.

Nadwra┼╝liwiec said...

It is very difficult to not worry about all in life - even if we are Christians. World around us - people, media and others things - signs that we should be worried all the time.

David Edward said...

I look crazy anyway, so I might as well look crazy for Jesus.
Seriously this ministered to me so strongly tonight. Thank you my sister for your prayers for a new direction that God wants to take me

Just Be Real said...

Trusting God is faith. And yes it is very difficult at times. Especially when we have to wait with patience for our answers. Hugs.

Trish said...

If we could take these words to heart life would be much easier...
I so enjoyed this Post Amrita!

Felisol said...

Good post. Good reminder. High hopes for tomorrow.

Jada's Gigi said...

Good reminder....hardship comes to us all....He is still Lord. Let the redeemed say.."God is good...His mercy endures forever!"

Sincerity said...

How true it is that suffering is difficult. But how beautiful it is that God shines through even the worst circumstances!

It takes faith to trust in Him even when our lives seem to fall apart. When those we love suffer it hurts terribly. But God is our strength and He helps us endure.

How beautiful is the love of Jesus Christ that never stops pouring down upon our broken hearts. His love endures forever!

Blessings to you.

Nikki (Sarah) said...

this is so appropriate right now...thanks Amrita

John M Cowart said...

Wow! Amrita, just from the responses I've already seen posted here. You dear lady are well loved!

Is suffering a part of life? Or does it need to be?

In my experience I suffer when I have chosen to. When I have guilt over something I think I have done wrong.

I'm a bit like my Dad as well, when things start going well. I worry. "When will the other shoe fall?".

What I need to take to heart is that My God is Always with me. And there is nothing in nor of this world that can stand against his might. When He chooses I will go home. And That is not really a bad option either.

I suppose we often get confused because we have bodies. And bodies do need things like sleep and shelter and food and the like. The Spirit in us, the God part of us. Needs nothing. But we get tricked often into thinking we do need things.



Amrita said...

Thank you for your encouragement Johnny