Monday, 1 October 2012

Dat 25- Gauges

A  song   called   "Gauges  " is   echoing  in  my  mind.  I  wonder if  I  can  find  it  on  YouTube,  I  don 't  even   remember  the  name  of  the band.It  talks  about  our  emotions  being  our  gauges which  tell us  what is   going  on inside  of  us. Some  days  I  have    real  roller  coaster  rides. I 'd  rather  run   on  a  level  train  track  than  a  roller  coaster - but   its   all  a  part  of  being  human- created  in God 's  image. God  feels  joy,  sadness,  anger  and  remorse  and so on - it  will  become  a  very  long  Bible  study  if  we  get  in to that.

Corrie  Ten  Boom  said, ' Sometimes  I  am  a  thermometer-with all  the  needs  around  me, I go down.
But  we  must  be  thermostats  not  thermometers. A  thermostat  feels  the  coldness and  immediately  restores  the  missing   heat by bringing  the   room  in  contact with  the  heater.That  is  what we  must  do".

The  world  in   which I  live  is  very needy. O Lord  keep   me   close  to  your  heart that  although  I  am  alert  to  the needs  around me I will  not  be  depressed  by  what  I  see, for You  are   able  to  make  me   act  and help.

...Your  heavenly Father  knoweth that  you  have   need  of all these  things.
Matthew  6;32 KJB (BIBLE)

3 Fertilize my soul:

DeanO said...

Yes, we need to have a positive effect on the world around us...despite all the trials. Our Father does know best

Carol-Ann Allen said...

That is yet another remarkable Corrie ten Boom quote! This post is exactly what I was trying to reflect on in my last comment!

Zim said...

You are right Amrita, Christians should be the most sensitive people for needs of their neighbours.