Sunday, 7 October 2012

Day 31- Seeking God

In  my Day 24  post  last  Sunday I shared   about  a  hapless , sick  woman  called  Simla  who  came  to  the  evening service  and  requested  prayer  for  her  multiple  medical  problems. She  was  so  weak  she   could not walk  up  to  the  front  of  the  church  and   stand  in  the  prayer  line. Glory  be  to God ,  she  came  again  tonight  and  was  well   enough  to  walk  up  front  ,  she  testified that  she   is  feeling  stronger.

My  cup of  joy    just  ran  over  when I  saw her. God  is  merciful.

A  man  brought  his  daughter in law and  two  tiny  grand children  to  church today. He  asked  prayer  for  his  son  who  constantly  fights   with  his  wife   (the  DIL) and   ill treats  her. The  poor  woman  sat  on  a  bench  looking   so  scared  and  nervous with  her  children  next  to her.
Her  name  is  Gulshan and  her  husband' s  name   is Bhaiyya. Please  join  us  in praying   for  this  couple.  May  their    marriage  conflicts and  fights be  resolved   and   they  may  live  peacefully  together.  Most  of  all  the  light  of  Christ  may  shine  in  their  home.

The   Lord Jesus  Christ   said,
Come to me all  you  who are  weary and  burdened, and  I   will  give  you  rest. Matthew  11;28  (BIBLE)

3 Fertilize my soul:

John M Cowart said...

My thoughts and prayers are with these folks you speak of Luv. And of course with you as well. You do so much in touching the lives of so many.


Carol-Ann Allen said...

So glad to see this update! Thanks, Amrita!

Amrita said...

The Lord is doing mighty things Glory to God

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