Saturday, 6 October 2012

Day 30- Lesson Learnt From An ATM Machine

Last   month  I  discovered  that my  ATM debit  card  which  can  also  be  used as   a  Master   and  VISA  card  had  expired.  Since  I had  not  used it  for  a  long  time  ,  there   was  a  lengthy  procedure  to  go   through to get  a  new  one. After  fulfilling  all  the  requirements  I  finally  got  a  new  card. With  it  I  got  an envelop  which contained  my   secret PIN  number.

There  was  a  black patch  on  the  envelop with  instructions not  to scratch  the  patch. But  I  did  exactly   that .  I   rubbed  the  black  inky   part  and  in doing   so  I  smudged  the  PIN  number which  I  could  barely  read.

Now  it  turned into a  intriguing  card  game  somewhat  like  online  Solitaire. I  had  a  choice  of   numbers  .  After  punching   in  3   combinations,  the  ATM  locked me  out, saying  my  transaction  was  denied..  I  had  to  wait  24  hours  for  another  attempt. Machines   do  that   to  prevent  hacking and   use  of  stolen  cards.

24  hours  ended   this  evening  , so  I  went  to  back   for  another  attempt.   I  punched  in  a  number  and  lo and  behold  ,  it  worked . The number I  guessed  was correct. As   I  retrieved   my  cash, I  wiped  my  brow.

Lesson  learnt...You  cannot  play  casino  games  with  an  ATM   machine.Approach it  the  correct  PIN  number otherwise  get  locked out.

I   must have  a  PIN   to  access  God and   this  PIN    is  no  secret.  He  is  Jesus  Christ .I have free  access to  God  the Father  at any  time  of  the  day  or  night  through Jesus.He unlocked  the  gates  the  heaven for  me  when  I  invited  Him  into  my  heart.

People  are  trying  to  enter  God' s  presence with  their  own  smudged  PIN  codes. They  are  trying  various   combinations. Jesus  said ,"I  am  the  door, no one can  come  to  the   Father  but  through me."

Jesus  said," I am  the way  ,  the  truth and  the  life, no man  cometh unto the  Father  but  by me."  John  14;6 KJV (BIBLE)

"For  through  him (Jesus   Christ) we  have   access  by the One  Spirit unto the Father." Ephesians  2;18 KJV (BIBLE)

7 Fertilize my soul:

Hold my hand: a social worker's blog said...

Amrita, this is an insightful analogy. That PIN number to The Lord comes with sweat and hard work.

Your series of posts have been very interesting and full of valuable reflections. You are a wise lady.


Scott R. Davis said...

Very wise comments about accessing God and how He is available and open for 24 hours 7 days a week and all year long!!!

Scott R. Davis

Buttercup said...

Great analogy. I can't put in the wrong actions and expect the right outcome. This is one to remember. Keeping you, as ever, in my prayers!

Carol-Ann Allen said...

Amrita, Amrita! Methought you were going to carry on to say that after punching in the right PIN you failed to have noted it down for yourself for future use! Practical applications stick when applied with a good story! This was such.

May you have a wonderful Sunday and often see the evidence of His presence today!

Felisol said...

You had luck. If I try three times entry with the wrong pin code, the machine will swallow my card.Then I have to go to the bank and hopefully, if I otherwise can identify myself, get my card back within a week.
Good luck with having found the right way and the right door.
I know you will never loose the pin code.

Amrita said...

Dear C_A and Felisol, you are right , I have memorized it , kinda engraved it on the palm of my hand. LOL.

You know Felisol, I was too bashful to write about it in the post, but the machine did swallow my card and I got it back after 10 days.

Frank Powell said...

ATM services
need to be handled with care. Convenience comes at a price of being cautious. Never scratch the back of the ATM card. It may lead to damage to the sensitive part of the card.