Sunday, 28 October 2012

Sunday Blessings - 41st Wedding Anniversary

Last  Sunday  I  was  invited  to  a  celebration  of  Rev  and  Mrs  Ghosh '  41st  wedding  anniversary. They are  age  old  family friends  and our  spiritual  teachers so  I  was  glad  to   attend. Rev Ghosh  is  Pastor  of  Holy  Trinity  Church, which  is  an  Anglican  Church,  more  than  150  years  old,  built  by  the  British.Its  architecture,  furnishings,  liturgical  service  and  Anglican  music all speak  of its   ancient  past. The  services  are  conducted  in  English. I  took  some  photos   for  you  to  enjoy and  get  the  feel of  the High  Church  of  England  in  India.

Beautiful brass  Bible  reading  stand.

Rev  Ghosh  preaching  on  his  anniversary. He is  a very  learned   man  and  is  a professor  at   a  Seminary .
My  sister-in-law who is  also a  professor in  the  Allahabad  University  leading  the  litany  of  prayers.. Her husband  who  is an eye  surgeon (cousin) plays  the  organ  and  other  instruments  in  this   church.At  one  time  this  church had  a  pipe  organ  but  it fell  into disrepair  and  no  one  could  fix  it,  so  they  removed  it.
The  happy  couple

Tea  and   snacks  served  on the  porch.
Some  Japanese  visitors. One  of then  brought  Momo (stuffed  steamed  dumplings)  to  be  served with  tea.

The  Ghosh  family. Rev and  Mrs  Ghosh , daughter  Ruth,  Esther ( works  as  a  project  Manager  in  a  Christian  organisation), son  Issac who  is  a professor of English   in  Agra.
Esther  made  these cakes   for  her  parents.
Japanese friends  with  Ruth in  the  front. They  gave me  a  lift  back in  their  jeep.  The  girl  on  the extreme left  is  married  to  an  Indian  man  and  speaks  very  good English  and  Hindi. She  is  the  one  who  brought momos  for  the  tea. The girl  on the  extreme  right is  from   Nepal. They  are all  involved  in  training  farmers  in  a non-formal farmer  's training  school. We  have  many  friends  there.

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Shelley said...

Its a beautiful church filled with beautiful souls...thanks for sharing Amrita...blessings to you dear friend and sister in Christ.

Mrs. Mac said...

I so enjoyed this peek into the lives of your friends. What a lovely church and anniversary celebration.

Lauren Davenport said...

The church building is lovely. What a wonderful celebration!

Carol-Ann Allen said...

Was the pipe organ replaced with an electronic one? The old pipe organs had a delayed response! You push the key ... and wait ... and THEN you hear it! That's why old church organists had such a bad reputation of being sluggish musicians! I have no idea how someone could play one or two notes ahead of where they were at! Hmmm ... and then try to add in a mike for the organist for an extra harmonizing singer! No wonder they walked away from the organ bench in a zig-zag pattern!

Great post! Love the pics!

Vilisi said...

Hi Amrita - you know such interesting people. :) Love the painted glass in the church!

Zim said...

Your church looks great. My isn't so rich in decoration. Greetings to You dear Amrita.

Trish said...

What beautiful photo's of their special day! Big Hugs Amrita!

Pia said...

Looked like everybody had a great time. Happy for you all. Stay blessed!