Friday, 5 October 2012

Day 29- Honesty begins at Home

Today  is  the   29th day  of  my  forty  day  pilgrimage with  the  deliberate  intention  of  sharing  how  I  experience   God' s  presence   and  intervention in  my  life.

A  father told  me  the  story  of  his  13  year  old   daughter 's  honesty that  touched  my   heart and   also testified  how  God 's  Spirit is  moving  upon  the  earth

This  man   is  a  driver  in  an  educational  institution  and  earns  a  very low  salary, just  enough to  make  ends  meet. He  went  to  the  vegetable  market  the  other  evening  with  his  family and   found  an  expensive   cell  phone  lying  on the  ground  near  a  stall. He  glanced  here  and there , nobody was  looking  for  it , so it  seemed  pretty  easy  to  pick  it up  and  bring  it  home. After  all his old   cell phone was  falling apart  and  here  was  a  new  Nokia.

When  he  showed  it  to  his   family , his  13  year  old  daughter  immediately  took  it  from  him.
"Papa", she  said,""We  must  return  this  phone  to  its  owner. He   will  call  this  number  after  a while.He has  not   only lost  his  phone  but  all  his   contact  numbers  which  he has  stored  in  it.  How  difficult  it  will be  for  him  to  get  them  back. Just  imagine if  this  had   happened  to us.."
Nobody  could  refute  that.

And  sure  enough  the  phone  rang , and  the  young  girl  answered  it  immediately.
"Don 't worry sir, 'she  said , 'I  have  your  lost  phone. Here  is  my  address. Please  come and  take  it  from me. When   you  are  near  my  street  , call   again  and  I  will  stand  outside  my  house and  wave,  so you  can  identify  me  easily."

A man  showed  up  at their  doorstep after  a  short  intervall.  He  was  a   lawyer. Receiving his  phone  from  the  teenager,  he  offered  her  a reward  of   a  hundred  rupees. This  amount  meant  a  lot  to  the  child  because  she  hardly  ever  got   any  pocket  money.

"No sir," said  the    girl,  "Keep  the  money. It  is  not a  good  habit  to  give   money to  children." The  affluent  lawyer  was  greatly   humbled  and  left  with  a  grateful and  admiring  heart. The  father told  his  story with great  pride  and  I applauded  .

It  is  hard  to  be   honest  when one  is  so  poor. One  will  dive  for  a    coin glinting   in the  dirt. In  our  world  ridden  with  scams,  cheating and  robbery  it  is  amazing  to see  a child  display  such  strength of  character.A  glimpse of  the  new  millennium society where  all  things  will  be  made  new.

.Isaiah 11:6

The wolf also shall dwell with the lamb, and the leopard shall lie down with the kid; and the calf and the young lion and the fatling together; and a little child shall lead them.

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Shelley said...

Such a beautiful and inspiring story...thanks for sharing Amrita...may our Lord and Savior bless this young lady for her sincere honesty...what an example she made to her father,and the lawyer as well....may God touch that mans life through her witness...blessings

Carol-Ann Allen said...

Lovely story, Amrita!
Just great!

Carol-Ann Allen said...

I just love the line, "It is not a good habit to give money to children." !!

Becky said...

loved this story.

David C Brown said...

We are to become as little children - maybe this is an example for us.