Monday, 15 October 2012

Day 35- Oil For the Bones

Taking  a  moment   to  smile  with  God.
 I can   experience   God  in laughter'
He  certainly  has funny  ways  of  dealing  with  things  sometimes.
The  joy  of   the  Lord  is  my  strength. When I  feel  tired  and  burdened I sit  a while and  share  a  smile  or  two with  someone. 
 Its  soul medicine.
The  only   TV  show I  watch regularly is   a  wholesome comic  family drama - with   loony   characters,  just  looking  at  them  makes  one  laugh.
America 's  Funniest  Videos  is  good too.
The  song  from  the  movie The  Sound  of  Music -
My  Favourite  Things, is  also  along  these  lines.
These  cartoons   were  emailed to  my  by   my   friend  Sita  Henderson.
Thanks  Sita.
A joyful heart [i]is good medicine,
But a broken spirit dries up the bones
Proverbs 17:22 NASB (BIBLE)
From  this  scripture I can  infer that a merry  heart is like  medicine for  my  aching bones.
And  mind  you  it  the   cheapest  medicine too.

3 Fertilize my soul:

Zim said...

God has big sense of humour - He created platypus! :)
My pastor also said during one sermon, that when Jesus told the pharisees proverb about the beam and blade in eye, He told them some kind of joke.

Carol-Ann Allen said...

Oh I enjoyed these this morning! That Sita!

Ash said...

These are SO funny! Thanks for sharing!

How are you, dear Amrita ? I'm back to blogging after ages.