Saturday, 15 March 2008


My heart is bruised tonight.
Aunty Maya went to see Aunty Premlata in hospital with another caring Christian lady Aunty Noreen. Aunty M is close to Aunt P 's age, late 60s and has several ailments but she really had to see her.They have grown up together.
Aunty Maya called me up and told me Aunty P cried when she saw her.She was in a pathetic condition. Aunty Maya gave her 2 house dresses and a box of health drink powder. The other lady took a bottle of Horlicks.They stayed with her for over 2 hours.
Aunty Maya knew some nurses there and spoke to them about Aunt P.Her daughter is not feeding her properly so she asked the nurses to put her on the hospital food list. Nurse Joseph has arranged for her to get free medicines.
I get emotionally disturbed when I see the suffering of people.It also makes me angry. I feel helpless...dejected.I lost patience when Sybil Aunty fussed over dinner.I was sad when I saw a mother treating her 8 year old daughter too harshly over a childish error - children 's hearts are tender they should be treated with care.
I say to my Mom sometimes ; if this is not the great tribulation period then what is it? I know my theology is topsy turvey here.
Tomorrow is Palm Sunday. Jesus wept over the hard heart of Jerusalem.I cannot wave my palm branch and not cry.
Please pray for Premlata and for the salvation of Shaloo and Bunty.
God can do miracles.

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Angie said...

Poor dear.

Father God, we lift up Premlata to you for help and healing. Comfort her while she's in this awful state and move on the hearts of the family members who don't know you. Open their eyes to the truth of Jesus. We pray that You would be the lifter of Amrita's head. Thank You Lord, in Jesus' name, amen.

the mother of this lot said...

I will keep you all in my prayers Amrita.

Jo's-D-Eyes said...

hey Amrita,
I wish you a happy PALM sunday tomorrow, Ios (my dog) is so sick I am really scared, no time for much blogging, have to watch her.

Bye from JoAnn (Holland)

Gudl said...

I prayed the prayer that Angie prayed... you have a soft heart, that God gave to you.
I hope things will look up.
Have a good PalmSunday.

KOSTAS said...

Hope all that all will go with the wish of our God, and will accomplish it takes her health, and you it makes this cheerful!
The God is Big and hears our prayers!

Renae said...

Dear Father, Please be with this precious Aunt of Amrita's. Please bring her good health, and surround her with people who will take loving care of her, as You would.

Please bring Shaloo and Bunty to you. Help them to long for You in their spirits, and help them to surrender to You.

In Jesus' precious name,

j said...

Amrita! Please forgive me in being so long in visiting! I have SO enjoyed you coming by and I have been a bad blog friend.

This post was so sad. I join you in prayer for this dear lady. I hope that you are blessed today and always!


Jo's-D-Eyes said...

Dear Amrita,
Thanks for all supportive words,

Ios is still not doing well, but she moved more than last 2 days. Ate 1 piece of food and drun a lot... she did not want to play, with anything, she 's sleeping 'a hole in the day/night'

I am still wondering whats going on with my dog, Yes ... I will do a check-up on MONDAY as soon as possible, I stayed up all night but felt asleep beside her in the livingroom, went upstairs to my own bed, with all doors wide open in the house. I could hear every movement.

In the morning she was looking at me, with eyes wide open, but I think she is feeling (maybe?) a bit better. Lets hope for the best!

THANKS for your sweet words.

Pat said...

You have such a tender, loving heart. I join Angie in her beautiful prayer...amen and amen!

Anonymous said...

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monsoon dreams said...

shall keep u all in my

Saija said...

you share ... and we all check our hearts to make sure we are sensitive to needs around us, in our world as well ...

blessings on your week!

Donetta said...

Oh dear heart. How said a cause for her children to be so heartless. It is so good that those ladies stopped by for her.
Be embraced.

Anonymous said...

Lord, i pray for healing for aunt premlata. i pray that you'd touch her body so she'd be made whole. Lord, i'd also like pray for the salvation of shaloo and bunty. nothing is impossible with you, Lord. thank you for hearing our prayers. in Jesus' name, amen.