Wednesday, 19 March 2008

Wednesday -Teaching

Jesus tells about man 's need to prepare for the coming judgment day (Matthew 25;1-13, 34-40.
The Parable of the ten virgins quickens the heart towards preparation.The five virgins had oil in their lamps to welcome the bridegroom and were received into the house of the wedding but the foolish five had no oil to light their lamps and could not procure any as it was too late.They were locked out.
The oil is symbolic of the Holy Spirit.We have to have the Holy Spirit working in our lives in order to be prepared to be received in Bridegroom Jesus ' kingdom .Get the oil now before its too late.
Every month we get our government assigned kerosene oil from the corner grocery shop. We send our helper to enquire the exact date and time the grocer will be dispensing the oil to his customers.If we are late or careless the oil is over and we have to come home with an empty jerry can.Now is the time to prepare for life eternal.
Later on Jesus talked about how the righteous will inherit the kingdom prepared for them from the foundations of the world. These were the people who
fed the hungry, gave water to the thirsty,welcomed strangers,clothed the naked, visited the sick and those in prison.
It is very easy to only have a spiritual ministry, but trying to meet the physical needs of people around me makes me twitch. Ours is a holistic Gospel both for the body and soul.Jesus set us an example by not only preaching about spiritual matters but also meeting the physical needs of people. Healing the sick and feeding the five thousand are examples.
It is said that on this day Judas plotted with the leaders of the people to betray Jesus.Matthew 26;3-5, 14-16.
This morning Aunt Sybil had a fall. At first she seemed OK. But by the evening her left wrist was swollen and hurt. I applied balm and gave her a pain killer.Mother is very nervous and is afraid of being alone in the house with her. But I have to go out from time to time.I went out to get groceries and medication and later on to our Lent Fellowship meeting at the Edwards. Mother was gloomy. I rang her just as the meeting got over and she was OK. Please pray for us. Difficult situation for the elderly and I feel overwhelmed too.
A song entitled "Lay your Burdens Down" is ringing in my ears.I have it on tape somewhere. Maybe its on Youtube.At times I feel crushed but because of Jesus I am not defeated.

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Gigi said...

I read your encouragement to Will at Curious Servant and couldn't help but follow you here. Will be a constant visitor if that is alright.

Gudl said...

You are a good daughter. Of your mother and of 'the King'!!
Yes, just today at bible study I was reminded, too, (again!) that we have to lay our lives down for the others and die to self. It is not easy.
I will pray for you.

nvittal said...

"Difficult situation for the elderly and I feel overwhelmed too." - Very true.

But remember, you are doing the right thing. That's what gives us all the courage and energy to keep going.

Renae said...

Oh, Amrita, you have your hands full! I will continue to pray that God gives you needed strength. I wish I were there just to sit with your mother and aunt and let you have some free time. Will pray that God sends someone to do just that.

You inspire me, dear sister!


Mel Avila Alarilla said...

Hi Amrita,
So nice that you were depicting the Gospel in picture and words in your post. God bless you more for that. I'm sorry to hear that your aunt bruised her arm while falling down. We pray for her immediate healing. Yes, like the five wise virgins, we must always be prepared for the coming of our Lord Jesus Christ and must be filled with oil (Holy Spirit) all the time. Thanks for your pious post. God bless you and your loved ones always.

pai said...

At times I feel crushed but because of Jesus I am not defeated.

Thank you for that encouragement!