Tuesday, 18 March 2008

Tuesday - Taxes

Jesus is questioned about the payment of taxes as He teaches in the Temple.He repeats the two-fold nature of God 's law - love to God and love to our neighbour. (Matthew 22; 15-22) Give to God what belongs to Him and to Caesar what belongs to him.

But today giving unto "Caesar" what belongs to him is making me very depressed and disturbed. Since I started blogging and my blogging friends increased , my telephone bill has jumped up a lot. The internet is costing me $10 to 15 a month which is way above what I can afford.
Due to my disabilities I cannot work outside and our church project is taking too long to start.
The blogworld has given me so much I hate to stay away from it. If it was possible I would turn into a beggar to stay online. See how depressed I am to see the bill. I don 't know what to do.I just feeling very very down.
There is a Holy Week meeting in my home tonight, have to get ready for that. Made these donuts for that...to serve with tea.
Have a good day.


Had a good fellowship meeting this evening . we were more than 10 folks. A couple came with their little kids. Monty a feisty and very active two and half year old and his sister Rinkle who is eight and a half.Both these are pet names. But fancy having Rinkle as a pet name. I told the parents I hope you don 't spell it with a W otherwise when she grows up they 'll have her modelling for anti wrinkle cream. They smiled. I think they didn 't think about the English meaning of Rinkle. She is such a sweet girl.

Tomorrow the fellowship meets at the Edwards, before that I shall go to see Aunt Premlata. Shaloo took her home against the doctor 's orders.

God will make a way when there is no other way.That 's what I am praying regarding my Internet bill.

I am reading John MacArthur 's book "The Murder of Jesus" Its very good.

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Praise and Coffee said...

I pray that all your needs are met Amrita. The Lord will provide!


Renae said...

The donuts look delicious! Perhaps you can charge for them - lol!

Praying that God will supply all your needs, dear sister.


Angie said...

I've so enjoyed getting to know you. Blogging is such an amazing way to fellowship with other believers. Praying God will meet ALL your needs through Christ. Hug, Angie

Amrita said...

Thank you sisters. God is good no matter what...He will make a way.
I updated my post.

Felisol said...

Dear Amrita,
I also pray that God will open a window when a door is closed.
Your writings and visits on the internet mean so much to so many, they are to important to be closed down.
I'm only thinking, is there a way you could make some money with your computer.
I remember when I was a child not everyone had a telephone, so they came to our home to lend the phone or we had to bring messages to neighbors?
Could your pc be used in a similar way, rented for money that is?
Oh, just sloppy late night thoughts from Norway.
There will be a way, I'm confident of that.
From Felisol

Susan Skitt said...

God bless Amrita. I'll be praying for you that God will help.

Internet cable here is about $50/mo. - the internet is not cheap no matter how you look at it. We need the cable hookup for my husband's job.

P.S. Those donuts look really yummy :)

the mother of this lot said...

I agree with all the others Amrita - God will provide!

Jo's-D-Eyes said...

Hello Amrita,
Thanks for your sweet words for IOS , she's recovering now:)

I followed your group "fellowship" notes, sounds interesting to me,

have a good week :) JoAnn

jel said...


Grafted Branch said...

What a sweet blog you have here! I found you from the one year bible blog; so glad I did!