Monday, 17 March 2008

Sunday Blessings - Hosanna in the Highest

Jesus entered Jerusalem in triumph. Children sang His praises. Crowds lined His pathway. Palm branches were waved in the honor of His coming Matthew 21;1-11
The boys had decorated the church with palm branches.We celebrated the first day of the Holy week.
In the evening I went to see Aunt Premlata. She is stable. Shaloo and Bubty came after a while.Since she is too weak and anemic to be operated upon they cannot insert a rod into her, I was made to understand they will strap a rod (frame ) onto her.
Not heard of this. Took vegetables and a nightie for her.Yesterday we gave away 4 bags of veggies - bottle gourd, tomatoes, cabbages.
I got good rickshaw drivers this time they were careful.
Mama has been indisposed since a couple of days - acidity. She is not eating much, since Aunt S does not eat a lot I am also not into cooking.
For Sunday lunch I made Rice Idlis (shown below) - savoury rice cakes steamed. They came from a packet mix, otherwise I make them from the scratch. Mama likes them too. for dinner I made fresh potato chips for myself.

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Renae said...

Fresh potato chips? Yum!

Glad to hear Aunt P. is stable.