Tuesday, 4 March 2008


The past week fruitful, busy, stressful,physically draining , spiritually uplifting and on the whole worked for my good (Rom 8;28).
Our old maid is too sick to work for a long time, so suddenly I was overloaded with extra jobs. I feel so bad for her as she needs a job to sustain her, although her DIL is looking after her - son is an alcoholic.I will send a health drink she can have everyday.
I have found a replacement.She is a young and fit lady . Today was her first day. She helps in making chapatis ( flat bread) and washing a few dishes , but she made a good first impression.
Aunt Sybil was very disturbed all through the week. She missed her old maid and didn 't take very well to my going out every evening. She wanted to catch her "train" and go home. We just played along with her.
Mum had her moments but was OK.I brought her Momos (Tibetan food) from the Missions stall.
Learnt a lot of spiritual lessons, found good fellowship with the saints and
enjoyed the worship.
(Left) The camp meeting tent)

(Right) Worship Team)

(Left) Children 's choir -Scripture Union was conducting the children 's meetings.

Mrs K 's visit went well. She arrived on Sat. morning. Was out the whole day meeting people and returned late at night.Since we don 't have a guest room I laid out a camp bed for her in the living room and she was happy with that.She wants to experience the real India and in the past 10 years has visited our country scores of times.on Sunday she left after breakfast and returned to pick up her luggage at 3 pm and leave for another city for her studies.I was able to spend a very short time with her. She loved Sheeba, as she 's got 2 dogs too.I borrowed her music Cds and quickly copied them which was so nice as I can 't get them here and music is like medicine for me.We lent her our car for her visit so she could move around in safety and comfort.
But she slept with the ceiling fan going full blast to ward off the mosquitoes and keep cool. Its snowing in her place.
Its warming up pretty fast my room temp is in the 70s. I 've got the fan on too.
Sorry I was not able to visit your lovely blogs much, but I 'll catch up with everyone. Love you all.
P.S. During the weekend I caught a tummy bug but just medicated myself. There were prayers for healing and my vertigo is not troubling me too much.

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Jeanette said...

Hi Amrita! It's nice to get your update. You always write so well that I get such a good picture of what has been going on! I'm glad that Mrs. K's visit was a success.

I hope the new maid works out well and that you will feel in total good health soon. I pray for a peaceful and quiet mind for Aunt Sybil, too.

the mother of this lot said...

We missed you Amrita! Glad you're feeling better.

Pat said...

You've been so busy, I've missed you but totally understand.
Isn't it wonderful to go to a worship service and actually feel ourselves being renewed? It recharges our batteries!
I'm glad to hear you are feeling better, take care and we continue to keep you in our prayers.

Donetta said...

Oh My, Your such a busy Lady. I am so happy for your good help to come to your aide. I hope A. Sybil mellows with the new girl. It must be so hard for her. I am very glad that all things are working out to your good as is the case for me as well. It is a great life to know this deep and wide Love that the Father has for us. It is good that your Mother is well with the changes. So wonderful for you to get out often and refresh your self. The children's choir looks just precious. The visit sounds like a nice opportunity , it must have been nice to meet a new soul.
The weather is warming here too. It is fast becoming spring and the warmth is welcoming in Easter. My favorite holiday. Peace be with you sweet heart.
I love you.

Saija said...

i've been in the same busy mode, with a bit of illness thrown in!!

blessings on you and your fam!

Becky Wolfe said...

Busy and ever hospitable you are. The thought of making chipatis makes me drool. I haven't had any for years. I suppose I should learn to make them myself! Hope your new maid works out!