Wednesday, 9 April 2008

Bowl of Cream Day

Well, I could call it Pearl Harbour Day or
Kargil War Day (Indo-Pak war)
It was on of the days when you feel the enemy has cluster bombed you overnight.
But I am calling it "bowl of cream day" because a story goes that a frog fell into a bowl of cream, unable to get out he swam round and round in it , churned the cream into stiff butter and jumped out of the receptacle.This human-froggie has to churn things up to jump out of a cauldron on certain days.
Early in the morning I discovered that our fridge was not working.first I panicked. Everything would spoil. Mama suggested that I throw out the perishables and the store the frozen stuff in Aunt Virginia 's fridge. This old lady doesn 't keep much in her fridge, so it has lots of space.Good idea.I threw away the stuff that could get spoilt and transferred the frozen items to Aunt V 's freezer and scrambled the left-over 4 eggs for breakfast.

Contacting the fridge repairman was quite a struggle as no one would answer the phone.Anyway I got one man at home and he agreed to come "when the electricity comes on at 1pm" Take note between 10-1 we have to put our electrical work on hold due to power rostering. We are so psyched up to that , that when we have no power cuts on rare occasions we feel kinda uncomfortable and suspicious.Can you believe that?

Since yesterday Sheeba had her tail down, although she was active and was eating. But she puked last night and I felt uneasy because last year on April 10th my Jimmy crossed over the rainbow bridge.

So after finishing up house jobs and cleaning up the fridge for the repairman I left for the vets with Sheeba in tow.
The rickshaw driver was very reluctant to have dog on.He was scared he would be bitten. But when I told him that my dog was the friendliest in the world and she was sick, he agreed to take us.
Sheeba enjoys rickshaw rides . On the way to the vets she shivers with excitement and barks at all the stray animals on the roadside. But on the way back she is so emotionally exhausted that she sits quietly.
Anyway, after being examined we found out that she had a fever of 103.2. The vet had to give her shots.There was a beautiful German Shepherd taking his shots and he whimpered and cried so much that Sheeba became very nervous.When her turn came she bit my hand ,undid herself from her leash and ran out on the very busy street into full traffic.

This was the second time during the day that I panicked. I thought if the fever wouldn 't take her a speeding vehicle would.As I ran out on the road after her, calling out to her and dodging traffic I started having flashbacks of Pet Cemetery (a Hollywood horror movie). But Sheeba 's good sense prevailed and she came back to me unlike the Runaway Bride.

The shots over we returned home and the rickshaw driver commented that Sheeba was a very smart dog.She has another appointment at the vets tomorrow morning.
The repairman arrived at 2 pm. He said the fridge gas had leaked and he
would have to take it to his workshop to get it fixed. Later on he sent his boys to take the fridge away and hopefully they will bring it back tomorrow afternoon. The vet and fridge burned a big hole in my pocket, but what 's one to do.

By evening Sheeba had her tail up.One foot out of the bowl.When the fridge comes back I 'll have my other foot out too.
Life keeps us on our toes. But as the Bible says we are to treat our trials as friends as they come to make us strong.

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Pat said...

You my friend, must be getting very strong! What a day!!
I would have loved to seen a picture of Sheeba in the rickshaw, that's not something you see every day around here!
Your descriptions of daily life are so interesting - especially the part about your electricity being powered down. If our power goes down here due to a storm (rarely) everyone is very upset. We have come to take it all for granted.

the mother of this lot said...

Keep swimming Amrita!

Watch the post - I am sending you something in the next few days.

Shari said...

I never knew about your electricity being "rostered" I think you said. I am glad Sheeba's getting better. We pretty much have electrictiy 24/7 unless someone hits a power pole or a bad storm knocks it out.

JO said...

Poor Baby - I sure hope your doggy is feeling better soon....

Remember God will never give you more than you can handle :)

Donetta said...

What a day! I hope it is a better one tomorrow.
Big hug!

Amrita said...

Begining the day well, thank you Pals.

Yes Pat I have a picture of Sheeba on a rickshaw I will post it.

She is up and going today, I will take her to the vet later on tho.

Our power rostering has been going on sice the past 10 years. The electricity produced is not enough for the teeming millions. And in the summer the situation becomes worse. The agricultural sector suffers the most.

Thank you Jackie you are such a sweet heart.And yes I am swimming.

There is a song which goes something like this "He didn 't teach us to swim to let us drown."
God teaches us to swim so we can churbn up the cream into butter.Altho it doesn 't seem pleasant at the time. I groan quite a bit.

Fridgeless I 'm going to cook some comfort food so that there are no left overs...dosas (rice pancakes) and cottage cheese or paneer with veggies.nd I 've got some good old bread and butter.

Renae said...

Love the frog pic, Amrita! Sorry you had a frog-in-the-cream kind of day, though. Hope tomorrow is better!


Simply Shelley said...

Hi Amrita, so glad Sheeba is feeling better after her vet visit. I pray she will continue to recover from her illness. Yes,I to would like to see the picture of Sheeba in the rickshaw. She is a very pretty little(doggie)girl. I like the story of the frog in the cream. I have had days like that many times. Hope your days will be brighter.

God bless you and your dear Mom and Aunt.........and Sheeba......


the mother of this lot said...

Came back to say come and get a 'Blog of Distinction' award!

monsoon dreams said...

hope both feet are out of the bowl by now:-) and hope sheeba is better.

Amrita said...

Oh bring back my fridge to me...this is my anthem for the moment. My DVD-writer also has to be replaced and they are delaying it. Whew!

Susan Skitt said...

Sometimes I wish there was another way to make us strong dear friend, don't you? But praise God, He is able! I am sorry to hear about your doggie and your refrig. I hope and pray all is well soon.