Tuesday, 29 April 2008

Tall, Dark and Handsome

That 's my nephew Ashish (blessing) Happy birthday Ashu. Today he is 22 years old.He is just finishing his BBA from UNB and has already got a job as financial advisor in a reputed bank.
We are looking for a committed Christian godly young lady for him.You guys know anyone LOL.
Ashu is very involved in his church. He is president of the Alpha Bible Study and each Tuesday he helps his church in an outreach for underprivileged kids.
He is very gentle and kind hearted. When he was in school he used to give away his stationary to kids who did not have nice stuff.Once a class bully hurt him but he did not want his Mom to report him to the teacher as the bully would be paddled.But his Mom did, if I remember correctly.
May God bless you Ashu and give you a bright and happy future.

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Calfkeeper said...

Ha. I love your shameless plug for a wife for your nephew. :) He sounds like a great young man, I am sure the Lord will provide a good woman for him.

I have enjoyed reading about your efforts for a well, and seeing the pictures. You are in my prayers,I know God will provide there too.

Robin said...

Happy Birthday to Ashu!
Many blessings to you!

Saija said...

it sounds like Ashu will be quite the catch for the right CHRISTIAN girl! :o)

Happy Birthday Ashu!

Julia Dutta said...

Hi Amrita,

Its been a long time....thank you for visiting my post on Fiona. I have been very busy of late selling my little flat in Mumbai subburb. My connection with Mumbai is now cut totally. It was Infant Jesus who came to my aid there through the prayers of my beloved neighbour, Lolly. Its really not easy to be a single woman and have men listen to your point of view in India.

Your nephew is a lovely boy. I do wish him a loving wife who can hold his hand as together they walk holding Yesu's hand in life :)))

Felisol said...

Dear Amrita,
Your Ashu must be one in a million, good looking, wise and a Christian.
Wouldn't everyone love him for his son-in-law?

I also admire the young men drilling you a well.
This must be good environmental housekeeping. Provide work for young men instead of using expensive machines.
Bet you use the opportunity to give thm a word from Jesus as well.
From Felisol

monsoon dreams said...

happy b'day ashu!!

Susan Skitt said...

What a nice, hansome young man :) God bless your nephew and may He continue to walk in the ways of the Lord!

Amrita said...

I must tell Ashu to read all these comments.
Hi Calfkeeper, the shameless plug is cultural thing i suppose like"Matchmaker, matchmaker make me a match, catch me a catch" LOL

Amrita said...

Hi Julia, I like visiting your blog but whenever i open the page a nasty advertisment shows up and freezes my computer, this is happening everytime I make an attempt.It scares me as i have to shut down my computer to resume.

I know how hard it is to live as a single woman in India. We girls have such struggles. I 'm glad you did what you had to do. My BIL Prem is from Mumbai.
Love, Amrita

Julia Dutta said...

Dear Amrita,
Goodness Gracious! Don't tell me my poor attempt of inducing some income, by allowing Google to advertise and run their ads on the side panel, is not driving in hellish adventure of destroying the peace and love coming through in other computers! Wicked satan at work I believe. And of course as my needs are looked after Him very well, He has skillfully kept me away from the materiazation of greed via Google!

I read your last account of this morning. My goodness me, what a terrible thing to happen, burglers at the Bank right before your eyes. OMG!

Prem said...

Dear Ashish,
We thank God for your life.May He make you a man after His own heart.We thank God for His Faithfulness in taking care of you these 22 years.Make it the supreme desire to please Him every moment.Enjoy every moment with Him.Praise His Name.Theres No name sweeter than the Name of Jesus.
Prem anju Mahima

Amrita said...

Hi Julia I 'll try to log on again and see what happens.

Prem, I checked the flooding news on cbc.com its terrible. Praying for safety.Hope Ashu 's bank is safe.

Roo said...

:) i keep hearing the song from the movie "fiddler on the roof"
...."matchmaker matchmaker make me a match
find me a find
catch me a CATCH!"

Shari said...

It's so great that your nephew is involved in Christian ministries. You have a wonderful family that loves the Lord. Thank you for your concern and prayers for my sister. Her blood pressure has gone up and the Dr. is afraid that she may be getting preeclampsia, which could force the baby to come early. For now, she is stable and fine. All 4 of her pregnancies have been hard. I had 5 easy ones. It doesn't seem fair.